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“A State of the Union speech worth waiting for”

By Cherie Zaslawsky

Excerpts from this article:

I’m almost sorry for the Democrats.

I said “almost.”

President Trump delivered  such a powerful and inspirational State of the Union address that the Democrats had to scurry to try to undermine his every word in their post-speech “analysis.”
The truth has a distinct ring to it, and they can’t afford for people to recognize it – especially since he deftly pointed out that “wealthy politicians and donors” live safely behind walls in their gated estates, but refuse to protect ordinary citizens with a border wall. Listening, Nancy?

But we did see some cutting edge journalism on display as the Left did its “fact-checking.” Politico slammed President Trump for stating that “…one in three women is sexually assaulted on the long journey north.” That’s a lie! It’s not 33.3% – it’s only 31%!  Good job, Politico.

Perhaps to the Dems’ dismay, President Trump exhibited the stature, gravitas, magnanimity, leadership and clarity of purpose that his critics once accused him of lacking. He delivered a masterful speech in which he redefined the very concept of “presidential.” He was dignified, authentic, compassionate, and strong. His love of our country and the American people was on glorious display. And his sense of humor came through in a number of smile-inducing moments. Many non-supporters who watched this speech may have changed their minds by the end of it. What’s not to like?

Yet the Democrats mostly sat on their hands, the women dressed in um… “suffragette white,” which, of course, was simply to signal their antipathy to Trump and their “resistance” against his agenda. They stubbornly refused to stand and clap over and over again, until Trump spoke of his administration increasing opportunities for women.
Then it was OK for them to stand and cheer…themselves.

Nevertheless, 76% of Americans approved of the President’s SOTU, and a whopping 82% of Republicans gave it high marks. In sharp contrast to the Left, Trump mentioned various groups not to divide the country, but to unite it, letting them know he’s been advocating for them as President. He singled out for special acknowledgement:
African Americans, women, legal immigrants, families, workers, people with health issues, veterans, law enforcement, and more. And he explained how his administration has benefited these groups in various ways.

But the speech wasn’t all sweetness and light. The President challenged Congress – especially the Democrats. He managed to fire a couple of well-aimed shots across the Democrats’ bow by alluding to the destructive and partisan nature of the Mueller probe – by the way, check out Pelosi’s priceless sneer as he turned to face her on that one – and the Dem’s unreasonable obstruction regarding the border wall.

But for my money, the truly brilliant aspect of the SOTU was the way President Trump interwove key elements of American history and our founding principles into his speech.

He brought to life a pivotal chapter in American history in a heart-wrenching way: by including among his guests in the gallery, several World War II veterans. These men must be in their 90s – surely among the last of the Greatest Generation.

World War II was a defining moment in American history, calling forth great courage and noble sacrifice from the American people, yet many students and young adults today know very little about it. It was a time of great national unity and unabashed patriotism and pride in America. American soldiers risked their lives to liberate Europe from the Nazis. If they hadn’t done so, Hitler would have conquered all of Europe – a horrifying thought. This is history all Americans need to know.

In a dramatic moment in his address, President Trump also introduced a Jewish Holocaust survivor who had been rescued from Dachau by American soldiers – including the one sitting next to him in the gallery!

…And by the way, the Nazis were Socialists – Germany’s National Socialist Party – which ties into perhaps the cornerstone of President Trump’s entire speech: his bold calling out of socialism, right under the noses of Bernie Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez and the rest of the progressive socialists in Congress.

…To underscore the folly of socialism, which has always resulted in poverty, death and destruction, the President pointed to Venezuela as its poster child. Thanks to the ongoing Progressive/Leftist indoctrination in our public schools and universities, this history lesson is sorely needed in America today.

The allure of promised “free stuff” has tricked people time and time again. We should remember that someone has to pay for that “free stuff.” As Margaret Thatcher once put it, “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.” Hard to believe there are still people being duped by this failed ideology today.

It is astonishing that President Trump could accomplish so much in a single speech.
He wisely took advantage of having an audience of millions of Americans to let them know of his administration’s successes that the media buries in silence, but also to school them on the vital differences between America and totalitarian, fascistic and socialist regimes.

And let me call your attention to one more thing: The President expanded on his iconic campaign slogan in a very meaningful way. “Make America Great Again” may be interpreted to mean ‘make our country prosperous and strong.’
But President Trump now is inviting Congress to pursue “greatness.” And this implies moral greatness. It implies leaving behind petty partisan politics. It implies respecting the sanctity of life. And it implies a united country that is rededicated to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, under God – the legacy bequeathed to us by our Founders. Amen.

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