A Teacher-Friendly Guide to Climate Alarmism.

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by John Shewchuk –

In 2017 the “The Teacher-Friendly Guide to Climate Change” was created and continues to be distributed in our public high schools. It was produced by the Paleontological Research Institution through funding by the National Science Foundation. List price is $25, but it can be freely downloaded here > https://priweb.org/index.php/pubs-special/pubs-spec-5813-detail

This 283-page Guide is intended for science educators and is the climate change alarmists’ effort to indoctrinate school teachers on man-made climate change so they can then brainwash students. The Guide’s intent is blunt and direct with this page 4 statement, “And we must communicate to our students that climate change is politically but not scientifically controversial.” It even has a section called, “Rules of thumb for teaching controversial issues.” Really? For science teachers? That in itself should be a red flag.

About one half of this Teacher-Friendly guide presents what appears to be well established topics on paleontology — which is the study of fossil animals and plants with respect to different climates. The problem begins with the other half of this Guide, where it cleverly steps outside the well-established world of earth history and slips into the realm of well orchestrated climate science deception — with a heavy dose of alarmism.

Although the title of this Guide focuses on climate change, it is important to note that it was, after all, produced by the Paleontological Research Institution — which is expert in the field of “fossil” history and past climates — not the future. In fact, their website’s “About Us” page clearly states the following, “The Paleontological Research Institution serves society by increasing and disseminating knowledge about the history of life on Earth.” Note that only “history” is mentioned.

If the Paleontological Research Institution is expert in history, then exactly where does the expertise on “future climates” come from? The Guide’s editors repeatedly reference IPCC documents and literature — 41 times. This is where the bait-and-switch deception begins. The Guide’s editors cleverly interweaved past and future climate changes into a masterful tapestry of climate science deception.

The editors skillfully inserted language that was not designed to teach science, but instead designed to invoke emotion, with words such as: love (7), suffer (5), depressing (2), scared (1), doom & gloom (2), alarmed (2), unprecedented (3), disruption (8), consequences (15), horrible (17), choices (18), and most importantly, hope (15) — where the parenthetical numbers reflect the number of times used. Since when does science education engage in emotional rhetoric? It doesn’t. Political agendas and associated propaganda does.

And then there’s my favorite paleontological word, mitigation, which is used 100 times. Paleontologists previously mitigated construction site degradation of fossil sites, but now they want to mitigate our lifestyles. This is clearly evident from their new paleontological mission found on page 229, “We will need to use numerous strategies to make changes to mitigate climate change, some of which will be social and political.”

Through exploitation of the CO2 paper-tiger, this Guide is yet another tool used to control humanity via the young. Without prior knowledge in climate science, or experience with the pitfalls associated with the-sky-is-falling activists, vulnerable teachers easily get sucked into the intellectually corrupt, man-made climate change groupthink — which is constantly reinforced by the climate crisis drumbeat from the liberal media.

This deception is no different than having political operatives use validated research on past world conflicts, which was documented by a respected historical institution, and then strategically insert sections asserting how current conflicts will progress into the future. Sounds absurd? You bet.

The same goes for climate forecasts. Just like future wars, future climates are not possible to predict. All climate models continually fail, because they all believe climate is primarily driven by carbon dioxide. No matter how hard they try to make this false logic work, they fail. Albert Einstein eloquently alluded to this futility by saying, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Even with the Guide’s incessant man-made climate change dogma, it is riddled with self-inflicted duplicity. For example, at the end of the “How Systems Work” discussion on page 30, it admits, “Clouds have the potential to counteract global warming, although we do not know exactly by how much.” In tiny print on page 20 it laments about climate models with this statement, “Note that models are always limited in some ways.”

And then the big CO2 sham is exposed, not directly, but separated by 152 pages. In the first paragraph on page 91 it boldly claims, “CO2 can be thought of as the ‘biggest control knob’ for Earth’s temperature” … and then way back in the last paragraph on page 244 it quietly states, “New dating techniques have shown that there is no statistically significant difference between the timing of temperature increases and CO2 increases.”

Beyond the numerous misleading and contradictory statements, the Guide contains many graphs and charts which have been purposely scaled, adjusted, and cherry-picked to promote the climate change agenda. While most understand the limitations and dangers of these visual aids, the children do not.

This Guide is purposely designed to indoctrinate high-school teachers and students into advocates for social change based on the “big lie” that carbon dioxide controls global warming. The data does not support this myth, and the alarmists know it. But the more it is repeated, the more people believe it, and so they keep milking the golden goose of a misinformed public — young and old.

There is no climate crisis. The only crisis is our lack of knowledge about past climates. Until we fully understand what caused past climate changes, we only pretend to know the future. This “teacher-friendly” guide does nothing to promote legitimate science, but instead peddles fake science. So, as we await the highly anticipated 2016 melting of the Arctic ice (according to the eminent Al Gore), we should probably rename this publication “A Teacher-Friendly Guide to Climate Alarmism.”

Source: A Teacher-Friendly Guide to Climate Alarmism. | Watts Up With That?

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