A World of Reasons To Stick with Herman Cain

Nov 25, 2011 by

by Donna Garner

With the first Republican primary caucus set in Iowa on Jan. 3, 2012, that leaves only 39 days from today for us Republican voters to make our choice among the candidates.

We are sticking with Herman Cain. We believe he is still the most likely Republican candidate to beat Obama because of the huge contrast in their life stories and in their real-world experiences.

Unlike Barack Obama, Herman Cain comes from African-American roots, with slave ancestors, and blue collar parents. While Obama’s Luo ancestors in Africa were slave holders, Cain’s ancestors were slaves in America. Cain didn’t attend any elite prep schools or Ivy League universities, he was the first member of his family to attend college and rose on merit in the corporate world, before the era of affirmative action. He is, to use Al Sharpton’s phrase, ‘authentic.’ (“Is Herman Cain the Left’s Worst Nightmare,” American Thinker, 9.27.11)

The allegations against Herman Cain have proved to be baseless and were contrived by people closely connected politically in Chicago. Once the truth started coming out about their ties and their own fallacious backgrounds, the allegations fizzled even in the mainstream media; but unfortunately, many gullible Americans have allowed themselves to be influenced by the hearsay which is exactly what those who contrived the plan to “lynch” Herman Cain wanted.

Cain is sincere, honest, straight-forward, 100% pro-life, committed to traditional family values, and has lived those values in his own life during 43 years of marriage.

Herman Cain still has the best economic plan — 999. It is his plan that makes the most sense and would put our country back to work:

A predictable, business-friendly tax system will encourage businesses to expand and create jobs because the job creators will know what to expect in the future — no surprises. Herman Cain’s 999 Plan indeed is about Jobs, Jobs, Jobs. (Posted at the bottom of this e-mail — “Herman Cain’s Plan To Save America – 999” by Henry W. Burke, 10.24.11)

Just as President Reagan, Cain has it right on what our international policies should be. In the 11.22.11 CNN debate on national security and foreign affairs, Herman Cain said he was in favor of “targeted identification.” He stated:

If you take a look at the people who are trying to kill us, it would be easy to figure out exactly what that identification profile looks like…The terrorists have one objective that some people don’t seem to get. They want to kill all of us, so we should use every means necessary to kill them first.

Herman Cain has put together a highly qualified foreign policy team. To learn more about the type of people Cain has tapped to give him advice, please go to the following 11.26.11 article posted at: http://thecable.foreignpolicy.com/posts/2011/10/26/raising_cain_inside_herman_cain_s_new_foreign_policy_team#.TqhMZVVMvei.facebook

The Washington Times conducted an exclusive interview with Herman Cain on his foreign policy positions. Following are excerpts from the editorial board’s conclusions (11.24.11):


EDITORIAL: Cain’s foreign policy

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Excerpts from this article:

One of the digs at Ronald Reagan before he was president was that he lacked a keen grasp of foreign policy…Once in office, Reagan demonstrated that principle and vision could more than make up for inexperience. He had a good plan and stuck to it; the rest was just a matter of details.

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain is taking a page from the Reagan playbook. Like the Gipper, he believes in a policy of “peace through strength,” but he has added “clarity” to the familiar slogan, something that’s been in short supply lately.

…The Obama administration “has created too much uncertainty with respect to our strength,” Mr. Cain told The Washington Times, “which simply encourages misbehavior.” He points out that the corollary to the slogan is also true: Without strength, there can be no peace.

The three pillars of Mr. Cain’s foreign-policy vision are defense, the economy and energy.

He thinks the automatic defense budget cuts triggered by the failure of the congressional deficit supercommittee to come up with meaningful deficit-reduction measures are outrageous. “You don’t lead with a formula,” he said. Forcing massive budget cuts on a department that is already stripped down is “absolutely insane.”

The economy is the center of gravity of American global power. It’s the source of U.S. influence and the means of supporting our military might. Economic hard times brought sagging U.S. global influence, so the solution today is returning to pro-growth policies in the same way tax reform spurred the Reagan economic boom and the accompanying restoration of American power in the world.

Regarding Iran, Mr. Cain would make explicit that the United States supports the opposition movements with a view toward regime change, a message that’s been muddled in the Obama administration. He also offers clarity to the special U.S.-Israeli relationship, saying the United States would stand with the Jewish state if it were attacked because “they are our friends.”

Mr. Cain doesn’t believe it’s the mission of the United States to “play nicey-nice.” The world is a much tougher place than that and needs a more serious approach. He noted that one of the contenders at the Nov. 22 Republican debate said America should be friends with Pakistan. “I reject that,” Mr. Cain made clear. “We must not make them our friend. We must make them respect us.”

No matter who wins the presidency next year, we need a commander in chief who would.

To help people do their research on Herman Cain, I have posted a selection of links that address various aspects of his campaign:


11.15.11 — “Herman Cain’s Pause on Libya” – by Donna Garner –



11.9.11 – “David Axelrod’s Pattern of Sexual Misbehavior” – by Ann Coulter — http://www.anncoulter.com/columns/2011-11-09.html


11.9.11 – “Investigator: Herman Cain Innocent of Sexual Advances – Used Voice Software Used by Police” — CBSAtlanta.com –



11.8.11 — “Lies for Political Purposes” – by Donna Garner



11.3.11 – “Cast of Characters in the Lynching of Herman Cain” – by Donna Garner — http://libertylinked.com/posts/8799/herman-cain-v-rick-perry—/View.aspx


11.2.11 – “Herman Cain’s 999 Calculator” — http://999calculator.net/


11.1.11 – “Transcript of Interview Between Herman Cain and Greta Van Susteren” — by National Journal



10.31.11 — “Dirty Politics Directed at Herman Cain” – by Donna Garner




Herman Cain’s Plan To Save America — 999

by Henry W. Burke





Herman Cain’s 999 Plan would raise almost the same amount of taxes as our present system (i.e., revenue neutral). The higher-income people would save the most under the 999 Plan; but here is the good news: They are the people who create the jobs for the rest of us! The more money the higher-income people do not have to send to Washington, D. C., the more they will invest in jobs for the rest of us Americans. The 999 Plan would completely rejuvenate our country and would put huge numbers of Americans back to work. The 999 Plan’s pro-growth emphasis will light a fire under our economy and create millions of new jobs.


A predictable, business-friendly tax system will encourage businesses to expand and create jobs because the job creators will know what to expect in the future — no surprises. Herman Cain’s 999 Plan indeed is about “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs.”



Please read further to understand the details of Herman Cain’s 999 Plan.





Presidential candidate Herman Cain has rocked the country with his bold but simple plan to ignite our economy. His “999 Plan” calls for an individual flat income tax rate of 9 %, a business flat income tax of 9 %, and a national sales tax of 9 %. Herman Cain’s plan does not affect state sales taxes; it only applies to federal taxes.


The plan is simple but will it work? This is the question everyone is asking. This relatively short and straightforward report will offer some answers and explore various aspects of the 999 Plan.


I have prepared examples to show how much tax you would save under the present tax system and under the Cain 999 Plan. These examples cover income levels from $25,000 to $1 million per year. Please refer to the second half of this report to view this information.


**If you do not care about the background details of the 999 Plan, and you mainly want to know how much a family making $75,000 per year (for example) would save under the Cain 999 Plan, please go straight to the section entitled “Section VIII. Comparison… ”


This report explores the following subjects:


I. The Need for Tax Reform

II. Individuals

III. Corporations

IV. National Sales Tax

V. Current U.S. Revenue

VI. Herman Cain’s Revenue Neutral 999 Plan

**VIII. Comparison Between Present Tax System and Cain’s 999 Plan

IX. Commentary on Examples

X. Tax Breaks for the Job Creators

XI. Reviews of Cain’s 999 Plan







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