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Aadhaar card – Necessity for a Student

Sep 18, 2018 by

These days, educational institutions have made it compulsory for students to give their Aadhar number for their degrees as well as certification. Yes, this is the move which has been done to combat against any sort of loopholes as well as fraudulent applications, such as preventing bogus applicants from applying.

Even Court makes Aadhaar card must for medical admissions. Yes, in what could be enlightening news for the rest of India, Madras High Court has made it compulsory for the students who are pursuing MBBS in Tamil Nadu. The move has been made, in a bid to stop students from other states who are securing admission in Tamil Nadu colleges in an illegal manner, certainly by hiding facts and documents and availing state quota.

Now, the move will help only the natives under state quote. Likewise, the students as per the order of the court will have to show their Aadhar during the time of counseling. The judgment has been passed in view of the recent years, where students from other states have shown dual nativity and have secured admission in Tamil Nadu colleges under state quota.

Let’s take a look at the extent of benefits which Aadhar Number will ensure in education

  • It will end the possibility of duplicate mark-sheets as the details of every student will be securely different.
  • It will create transparency as well as uniformity

Considering the immense benefits associated with Aadhar card which is ending malpractices and creating uniformity in every sector, it is equally important for you to update your Aadhar with correct details. So, those who have spellings of their name/address different, should get it changed as correction of the data in your card can be done online or by visiting the nearest Aadhar card centre.

Do you know that if there are wrong details updated in Aadhar card, then it can lead to serious issues? Yes, it is highly likely that your document may not be accepted and likewise, it is important for you to note that all the details in the Aadhar card should be error free such as name, date of birth, address etc

Let’s now take a look at the following scenarios when you may require updating the data in your aadhar card.

  • If the name in the aadhar card is written wrongly
  • If you are going to change your name after marriage
  • If you are shifting to a new city/area and want to update the address
  • If you are changing your contact number or email address

Likewise, if you are looking for correction of the data in your card, then you shouldn’t delay. This move of yours, will in itself make a big difference between your application getting “ACCEPTED” rather than being “REJECTED”. Yes, correction of the data in your card is highly needed, if you haven’t updated your Aadhar card as yet. Unlike the perception, it is easy to get your Aadhar updated. Thereby, you can continue to avail the benefits associated with it.

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