ABC Foundations for Young Children: A Classroom Curriculum

Sep 21, 2013 by

Author Marilyn Adams Ph.D.

Although ostensibly written for education professionals, Adams shows great bravery and, in spite the immense current political charge, exposes why the profession is failing to educate our youth up to “world standards”. (Professors know she’s right, but are hoping to pension out before the truth is known.)

“The truth” is that the most important factor in preventing “dyslexia” is the ability of youngsters to rapidly name the letters of the alphabet. In this long book she describes many ways to do so.

If kids over the age of four practice WRITING the alphabet until they can do so at 40 letters per minute, they read SPONTANEOUSLY and all the other popular subjects are unnecessary.

Adams writes as if she didn’t know this when she wrote the book (though I personally know that she DID).

Actually, she didn’t have to. She wrote it already in her fabulous 1994 book’s chapter 14, “From Writing to Reading”.

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