ABC’s ‘Blackish’ Advises Kids to Make Teachers Feel ‘White Guilt’ for Better Grades

Jan 3, 2018 by

What a great lesson! Cheat your way to the top. Thanks, ABC.

ABC’s Black-ish is back to its social justice shenanigans with its first episode of 2018. This time, the story line has the grandmother advising her grandkids to manipulate their white, private school teacher using “white guilt” in order to cheat in class.

The two kids, Jack and Diane, are concerned they won’t do well on an upcoming math test. Since grandma Ruby doesn’t have the slightest clue how to help, she offers this advice:

“Before she hands you that test just look in the newspaper, find a tragedy that happened to a black person, and say, ‘That happened to my cousin.’ Yeah, white women will buy that like Oprah’s selling it.”

Diane takes Ruby’s advice and tells her teacher:

“Our cousin was fatally struck by gunfire last night while visiting friends on the 1400 block of Southwestern Avenue.”

“The hood is so cruel,” the teacher says for laughs.

And, of course, it worked. Jack and Diane are excused from the test, plus all homework for the week. When they get home, they tell the exciting news to grandma.

“Thanks to you, we never have to do schoolwork again!” Jack proclaims.

“Yeah,” adds Diane, “we just have to prey on white guilt, and that is a well that will never run dry.”

Suddenly, the voice of reason shows up: their older brother Junior, who overhears they cheated and declares he will be “obligated to tell the school” since he is a member of the Honor Committee.

Ruby runs after Junior to try and talk him out of it:

“Oh, come on, now. Don’t narc on the babies. Look, the way I see it, the system’s already stacked up against us, right? So sometimes we have to bend the rules a little just to get a fair shake.”

Here’s a clip:

Wow, we’ve come a long way since The Andy Griffith Show’s morality lessons. Aunt Bee would’ve never advised Opie to cheat in school and Andy would’ve delivered some corporal punishment if he did.

Source: ABC’s ‘Blackish’ Advises Kids to Make Teachers Feel ‘White Guilt’ for Better Grades | Truth Revolt

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