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May 22, 2019 by

“We can’t live with them and we can’t live without them”.  That’s a phrase that is always true and invariably false, depending on who “them” is. 

I nominate “politicians” to be “them.”

Their souls are often empty and lost, yet they may be crucial in passing laws that can hold society more or less together and enable the better instincts of people to occasionally emerge in service to humanity.

It doesn’t much matter whether politicians are driven by pure principle, naked ambition or both.  It is irrelevant whether they show up at the scene of a fatal accident to demand a 4-way “stop” sign  in order to ingratiate themselves with grieving victims who may vote for them in the next election or because they genuinely feel empathy.

As long as the job gets done.

If a doctor saved me from an aneurysm, I wouldn’t care whether his motive to practice medicine was driven by a yearning to heal or a lust to make big money.

We endorse these politicians, but they’re ( usually) not fooling us and we (usually) aren’t fooling them.  It’s not about motive. It’s about getting what one wants.

But only up to a point.

After doing a cost-benefit analysis, politicians typically will put their own careers and fantasy of earning a place as a footnote in history ahead of moral duties. Seeing it from their standpoint it’s easy to see why:  moral duty is ephemeral, self-loyalty is not.

We have some astute politicians defiling the landscape today.

The collateral effect of  their silence as they hear hate speech around them is to make them agents of its proliferation. If they are paralyzed from action because they don’t want to potentially alienate constituents, they are passively welcoming its passage into the framework of mainstream society and  thereby conferring legitimacy on it.

Don’t give them your vote.  Give them the boot.

Ron Isaac

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