Why Does The Academic Left Hate America?

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By Bill Korach –

It is safe to say that no country on earth has done more for the cause of liberty, world peace and prosperity than America. Alex de Tocqueville, author of “Democracy in America” published in 1834 stated that “America is great because she is good.” It is de Tocqueville who gave birth to the term “American Exceptionalism.” The entire world looked to America after WWI to bring peace and freedom to the people of Europe. In WWII, America tipped the balance against Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. Following the war, America created and funded the Marshall Plan to help Europe, including our enemies Germany and Italy get back on their feet. America led a world coalition against International Communism and brought down the Evil Empire the USSR. Wherever there had been a natural disaster or a famine, the United States always arrived first with help.

Yet, undeniably, the majority academic community whether K-12 or higher education appears to despise America. Did I say that the majority of educators in the social sciences are dedicated leftists? No, but The National Association of Scholars did say it and they did prove it.

Want more proof? Within the last few months these actions have taken place at America schools:

At Massey Hill High School in Fayetteville, NC, history teacher Lee Francis tore down the American Flag and stomped on it to illustrate the First Amendment. A horrified student photographed it and shared it on Facebook. The unrepentant teacher was later disciplined.

In McAllen, Texas, teachers tried to force a teenager to sing the Mexican national anthem and recite the Mexican pledge of allegiance. She refused saying it was against her beliefs. She was subsequently thrown out of the class and given a failing grade for the day.

University of Hawaii professor, Huanani-Kay Trask has taught students “We need to think very, very clearly about who the enemy is. The enemy is the United States of America and everyone who supports it.”

University of Southern California professor, Darry Sragow, teaches hate in his Regulation of Elections and Political Finance class, telling them “Republicans are stupid, racist losers,” and that they are “angry old white people.”

University of Rhode Island history professor, Erik Loomis, tweeted, “I want Wayne LaPierre’s (NRA President) head on a stick.” He asked, “Can we define dues to the NRA as contributing to a terrorist organization?”

Scott Compton, an English teacher at Chapin High School, Chapin, SC, was put on administrative leave after he allegedly threw an American flag on the floor and stomped on it in front of his students. He chose to resign. He probably teaches at a college now.

A geography teacher at Lumberton High School in Texas encourages students to dress in Islamic clothing and actually instructed them to refer to the 9/11 hijackers as “freedom fighters.” They were also taught that the Holocaust was not genocide. John Valastro, the superintendent of the school district, told Fox News that the teacher did absolutely nothing wrong.

These are just a few of the thousnds of examples of anti-Americanism that is growing daily and poisoning the minds of American youth. But why? The left has cloaked itself in the mantle of moral superiority. They believe that conservatives are racists, sexist, homophobic, greedy, and oppose clean air.

According to author Dan Flynn:

The notion that slavery and racism are uniquely Western is one of the Left’s favorite and most repeated mantras. Yet when one’s judgment is guided by facts, rather than by obscure political ideologies, what is quickly realized is that it was not slavery that was unique to Western Civilization; nor was it the mere abolition of slavery that was unique, but rather the abolition of slavery by eligible slaveholders. As Flynn points out, Western Civilization is indeed the only culture in the history of the world to do such a thing. American women are oppressed under the American patriarchy, says the Left. Yet, as Flynn points out, “If women in the United States live under a ‘patriarchy,’ what term could accurately describe the situation faced by women in other parts of the world?” Noting some of the truly patriarchal traditions practiced in many countries throughout the world today, such as genital mutilation, arranged marriages, forced abortions, and “honor killings,” Flynn also contends that in many ways, women in the United States are better off than their male counterparts. He points out how they are “healthier, better educated, and less susceptible to various cultural pathologies than are American men.”

The Left perceives that America as an imperialistic, power-hungry, and greedy nation. Just the opposite is true. “The major wars involving the United States since it became the world’s preeminent military power,” Flynn writes, “have been fought to prevent empires-Nazi imperialism, Japanese imperialism, [and] Communist imperialism. After all these wars, America’s territory remained essentially the same.” Flynn also notes that for such an “imperialistic” nation America donates large sums of its citizens’ money to foreign countries in need. In addition to giving far and away the highest amount of money to foreign countries, the U.S. also gives one of the highest percentages of GDP for foreign aid. Having received very little in the form of foreign aid itself, the U.S. has proven time and again to be the world’s most generous donor of foreign aid-not just to its allies but also to some of its most bitter enemies.

Another “big lie” embraced by the Left is the notion that “America is the world’s leading threat to the environment.” Although especially convenient for those critical of the free-market capitalist system, this idea is far from the truth. For example, America has more trees today than at anytime during the past 100 years. Additionally, Flynn writes, “Americans breathe cleaner air and drink cleaner water than almost anyone [in the world].” That is not to say that the United States should halt its successful environmental efforts and programs, but it is certainly a gross mischaracterization of U.S. environmental conditions to say that America is the world’s leading environmental threat. The premise that America has some sort of a caste system, where mobility between classes is impossible, and the idea that the rich get richer at the expense of the poor, are other demonstrably false but deeply held beliefs by the Left. “A U.S. Treasury Department study tracking class movement from 1979 to 1988,” writes Flynn, “discovered that 86% of 1979’s poor no longer remained in the lowest income quintile in 1988.” Unlike many countries throughout the world, Americans are not destined to remain in one class based on their birth.

Clearly Academic leftists are rabid on the subject and should not be entrusted with educating American youth. So what to do? Get rid of them as you’d rid the neighborhood of a rabid dog.

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    Timothy H

    Who is the c bomb in the picture burning the American flag, I hope someone finds this guy on social media and them puts them into the police. Being an Aussie I am proud of my country and the people who live here and it is not accident of birth that I feel that way. Really this is the best place on earth to me because of my perspective at the time, then I started to travel and visited the USA, the people there were warm and friendly. The whole world is awesome.

    But this SJW crap really annoys me, Aussies really, really hate political correctness. The labor party and Bill Shorten who is its leader are the socialists here lost the last election. Like Hillary and the Democrats in the USA he had it in the bag. Why he lost? He wanted to introduce leftist nonsense into this country via a political channel, everyone here saw what he was trying to do and sent him south.

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