Academic: Using Gardening Terms Like “Soil Purity” is Racist

Aug 6, 2014 by

A senior lecturer at the University of Westminster has courted controversy by claiming that using gardening terms such as “soil purity” and “invasive species” is a secret form of racism.

Dr Ben Pitcher accused hosts of a BBC Radio 4 panel show in the United Kingdom called Gardeners’ Question Time of promoting “nationalist and fascist beliefs” by disguising racist slurs as horticultural advice.

Citing the “crisis in white identity in multicultural Britain,” Pitcher asserted that people who appeared on the show were unable to communicate their bigoted political beliefs for fear of being called racist and were therefore expressing, “their racial identity in other ways, such as talking about gardening.”

“The distinction that gets made between native species and non-native species and this kind of policing of what belongs and what does not belong I think is symptomatic of a kind of desire to defend the fantasy of the national space,” said Pitcher, adding that the show, which probably qualifies as one of the most inoffensive radio programs ever made, was “saturated” with racist language.

Former professor of cultural studies Lola Young agreed with Pitcher, comparing efforts by gardeners to destroy unfavorable flowers such as rhododendrons with violent racist attacks on Pakistanis.

Stefan Buczacki, a regular guest on the show, labeled Pitcher’s claims “utterly absurd,” noting that, “His comments show a complete lack of understanding of the natural world.”

“They come and go, and adapt to different environments. That is what we mean by native and non-native species. It has nothing whatsoever to do with nationalism or racism,” said Buczacki, adding, “There is enough real racism in the world without looking for it in places it doesn’t exist.”

It is important to emphasize that this issue is not a piece of satire or a hoax – academics in the UK have genuinely claimed that using mundane gardening terms is secret code for racism.

This ludicrous story reminds us that there is a strong undercurrent of cultural marxism which still dominates the academic establishment across the western world.

The notion that using common gardening terms when talking about soil or plants could be considered racist has no basis in logical reality whatsoever and makes as much sense as claiming that the use of terms such as “black sheep” is also a racist thought crime.

Once again, this is about control freak collectivists attempting to police language and demonize political positions by invoking racism where none whatsoever exists.

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