Academics urged to stop submitting their papers to ‘predatory journals’ motivated by money

Jul 30, 2019 by

  • Three major medical writers’ organisations said scientists must be vigilant
  • Poorly-run journals could damage reputations by publishing poor quality work
  • Those with unoriginal names or shabby websites may be a cause for concern 

Scientific journals which don’t properly review papers before publishing them are damaging the industry’s reputation, experts warn.

The ‘predatory journals’ are accused of having dangerously low standards and publishing papers simply to make bonus money.

Although they didn’t name the journals, the scientists listed red flags which should put researchers off using certain publications.

Ones that have near-identical names to respected journals, those with shabby websites or with dubious contact details should be avoided, they said.

The scathing comment was published by experts from the American Medical Writers Association, the European Medical Writers Association and the International Society for Medical Publication Professionals.

Scientists have been warned not to get lured into sending their work to poor quality journals in a bid to get published, with experts saying the sub-standard publications are damaging the reputation of people working in the field (stock image)

Researchers may be tempted to submit to less prestigious journals so they can say they’ve been published, but should avoid doing so, the organisations said.

‘The conscious and deliberate submission of manuscripts to predatory journals is not ethical,’ the organisations said.

‘Medical writers and editors, as well as researchers, have a responsibility to evaluate the integrity, history, practices, and reputation of the journals to which their research is submitted.

‘Legitimate research carried out with the best of intentions might be lost.

Source: Academics urged to stop submitting their papers to ‘predatory journals’ motivated by money | Daily Mail Online

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