‘Accusers Sometimes Lie,’ Said Professor — Now Students Want Him Fired

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Simple truths are unwelcome here as protesters demand action over an instructor’s rational reminder

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Professor James Moore

A professor at the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles is in hot water after sending an email to the student body last week saying, “Accusers sometimes lie.”

Professor James Moore is director of the transportation engineering program and also vice dean for academic programs in the Viterbi School of Engineering.

He said in his “reply all” message to students of the Price School of Public Policy, “If the day comes you are accused of some crime or tort of which you are not guilty, and you find your peers automatically believing your accuser, I expect you [will] find yourself a stronger proponent of due process than you are now. Accusers sometimes lie,” he added, as The Daily Wire noted.

Moore’s email, which simply stated what many understand to be fact, was in response to a “Believe All Survivors” email from the “Price Women and Allies.”

It led to “hundreds” of emails from students and alumni who didn’t like his response, according to PJ Media.

Student Audrey Mechling called Moore a “pitiful excuse of a professor” after his email, according to the university publication Daily Trojan, saying that Moore’s email “broke her.”

She said she decided that “instead of blaming myself, instead of staying quiet, instead of internalizing my rage,” she decided to “let it all out” at the rally.

Jack Knott, dean of the Sol Price School of Public Policy, apparently caved to students and called Moore’s remarks “insensitive and incendiary.”

The fallout was swift; 100 students attending the $50,000-a-year university reportedly attended a rally on Monday to protest the tenured professor and demand that he be fired, noted The Daily Wire.

Dean Knott told protesters, “What [he] sent was extremely inappropriate, hurtful, and insensitive.”

“We are going to try to do everything we can to try to create a better school, to educate the faulty,” the dean also asserted.

Knott also promised that the university would take action, including having a faculty meeting “around implicit bias, sensitivity [toward sexual assault] …”

Moore thought the rally against him was “well-organized,” noted the Daily Trojan, but said “[t]he whole point of a university is that it’s a place for points of view and discourse, and, if they happen to disagree, the way to respond is to engage rather than terminate the source of the information that you disagree with.”

He added, “My primary objective was protecting the interests of folks who might be falsely accused of misconduct. My goal was protecting students, not traumatizing or bullying them.”

Source: ‘Accusers Sometimes Lie,’ Said Professor — Now Students Want Him Fired

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