Achievement gaps tank for California’s black and Latino students

Sep 11, 2015 by

For more than a decade, state educators have focused intensely on helping black and Latino students perform as well in school as their white and Asian peers, calling the issue a social and economic imperative.

Data from new state tests suggests that they still have a long way to go.

The gap in academic achievement between different ethnicities and family income levels is worse than previously reported, based on a Los Angeles Times analysis of results from new state tests given this year in California.

A troubling pattern emerges when the scores are compared with those from the prior tests, which were last given to public school students two years ago.

While scores declined for all students, black and Latino students saw significantly greater drops than whites and Asians, widening the already large gap that was evident in scores from earlier years.

Under the previous test, for example, the gap separating Asian and black students was 35 percentile points. The gap increased to 44 percentile points under the new test.

Asian students’ results dropped the least on the new tests, which widened the gap between them and those who are white, black or Latino, a Times analysis showed.

White students also maintained higher relative scores than their black and Latino peers.

Source: Achievement gaps widen for California’s black and Latino students – LA Times

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