ACLU finds “inadequate” policies regarding technology in Mass schools

Oct 31, 2015 by

Schools may be putting a child’s privacy at risk in their effort to keep up with rapidly changing technology, according to a recent report from the ACLU.

The American Civil Liberties Union took a close look at 35 school districts across Massachusetts and found the state is using a lot more technology in classrooms. However, the ACLU said current policies don’t do enough to protect kids in the digital age.

Of the 35 districts examined, 13 use a third party to handle personal and sensitive information.

Many schools use software with remote monitoring or tracking, including West Springfield, which used a software that would allow remote activation of webcams when students have the devices at home. Since the ACLU’s report, the maker of that software has since deactivated this function.

The ACLU also found the lack of transparency regarding the collection, storage and use of sensitive information was troubling. Two-third of the schools that shared their policies governing school controlled devices reserve the right to inspect the devices without notice or consent. Districts almost universally claimed that students have no expectation of privacy when using the Internet at school.

The ACLU said another problem was the state’s weak public records laws, making it difficult for the organization to gauge the extent of the problem.,

Source: ACLU finds “inadequate” policies regarding technology in Mass sc – Boston News, Weather, Sports | FOX 25 | MyFoxBoston

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