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“Action Alert To Protect Texas Children”

By Anne Newman


ACTION ALERT – Speak Up to Protect Texas Children! 3-8-19

     Since the Texas legislative session began, I and a small but awesome team have met with many legislators’ offices each week to ask them to file and/or support legislation to protect children. There were 4,000 bills as of a few days ago. Today is the bill-filing deadline.

     Which bills will get attention and are likely to pass? Obviously, the governor’s priorities, such as school finance and property tax. Other bills will get attention because you speak up.

HB 1012 by Rep. Bohac will help fix problems with sex education. Perhaps you read about the Ft. Worth parents of 6th graders who learned when their children came home from school that they were exposed to offensive instruction. Outraged, they asked to see the curriculum and were refused. Attorney General Ken Paxton ordered the superintendent to allow them to see the curriculum. HB 1012 will make the following excellent changes in Texas Education Code 28.004:

· Require full and fair disclosure of the content of human sexuality instruction.

· Require all members of the School Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) – which all districts are required to have – to be appointed by the school board.

· Require posting of SHAC meeting minutes.

· Prohibit school districts from distributing contraceptives, including condoms.

SB 1008 by Sen. Campbell requires written parental consent for sex education.

HB 3135 by Rep. Cain. The Texas Penal Code includes defenses to prosecution for displaying obscenity to minors and soliciting children into sexual conduct. These defenses include education.  HB 3135 would eliminate these defenses that provide a defense for offenders and leave children vulnerable and exposed to irreversible harm. If your neighbor committed these crimes against your children or grandchildren, you’d call the police, but there is a defense for educational purposes. This should not be so.

SB 389 by Sen. Campbell prohibits funding for and contracts with abortion providers.

HB 1929 by Rep. Noble prohibits funding for abortion providers.

Action to Take Now:

· Ask your state representative to sign on to HB 1012, HB 3135, and HB 1929 as a sponsor.

· Ask your state senator to sign on to SB 389 and SB 1008 as a sponsor.

· Pray for our team’s efforts, for bills to get a hearing, and for our testimony at hearings.

· Plan to attend the Faith and Family Day at the Capitol on Wednesday, March 13 – It’s free. For more information:

· Please share this alert with your friends.                                                                                                

Note: If your state rep and state senator are Republicans, let them know that these bills are based on planks in the Republican Party State Platform and that defunding abortion providers is one of five legislative priorities adopted by the Party.

We are watching many other bills and will be reporting on them. One is SB 933 by Sen. Bettencourt that creates an Office of Inspector General in the Texas Education Agency to investigate complaints and violations of the law.

If you would like additional information about any of these bills, please email me. If you do not want to receive these alerts, please let me know by replying to this email.

Finally, please pray for funds to help cover my expenses.

 Anne Newman – – 210-771-0757

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