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“Does the College Board Deserve Public Subsidies?”

By Richard P. Phelps 


(COMMENTS BY DONNA GARNER:  The College Board legally is a “not-for-profit, charitable organization – a 501(c)(3).”  However, in reality CB is a money-making monopoly (because of its safe havens as explained by Phelps) that pays no taxes on revenues and drives public policy using taxpayers’ dollars to do it.

After being the architect of the Common Core, David Coleman became the CEO of The College Board (CB) in 2012 and is making at least $1.5 Million a year.

Richard Phelps has dug deep into the inner workings of the College Board.  He details with many footnotes the lopping off of CB’s leadership team to be replaced by Coleman’s Common Core minions; the many snafus the CB committed across the country that harmed students while at the same time driving the Common Core deeply into its Pre-SAT, SAT, and Advanced Placement products; and the complete reinterpretation of America’s history and world history as presented in the revised College Board’s Advanced Placement frameworks.

One of the most alarming discoveries documented by Phelps is the massive hedge hogging that CB is enjoying  in the Cayman Islands with “a quarter billion dollars nestled in offshore tax havens…has not paid any taxes in the several years it has filed separate returns…deductions, credits, and paper losses seem available aplenty.”

As stated by Phelps:

Does CB leverage the offshore money to fund operations, subsidizing its activities…The answer to the last question appears to be, yes. In some recent years the offshore accounts made from one-to-four-million-dollar ‘charitable contributions’ to an unidentified recipient. Was that recipient, perhaps, the nonprofit, ‘charitable’ College Board? Charitable contributions, of course, are tax deductible.

“College Board’s formula for soliciting funds is simple: evoke sympathy for the poor and cite equity concerns.” Phelps goes on to document that this ploy elicits multi-millions of public dollars and subsidies for Advanced Placement fees. 

Because of the CB’s vast profits, it has been able to award grants of its own. Guess who got the grants…those pushing Common Core into our nation’s schools. This is called “back scratching” at its worst.

Richard Phelps covers so much more such as (1) how valid as a predictor of college success is the new SAT, (2) the “insider trading” model used to control its board members, (3) the fact that the CB can have gobs of snafus and yet continue to pay exorbitant salaries to David Coleman and CB employees because of its vast subsidies/public dollars and hedge funds.


Because our elected leaders all the way from Washington, D. C. down to the locals pour so much money into the College Board’s products, we as taxpayers must do our part by putting Richard Phelps’ well-researched report into their hands. He has done his part to shine a bright light into the dark side of David Coleman’s College Board; now we must do our part by getting this report to the right people. Please share widely this short article which will stimulate readers to read Richard Phelps’ full report.

Donna Garner

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