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Sep 25, 2018 by

Sen. Ted Cruz

“ACTION STEP:  Don’t Let America Become a Sanctuary Nation”

By Donna Garner


Quote from Sen. Ted Cruz: “Congressman O’Rourke doesn’t want Judge Kavanaugh confirmed. He said that before these allegations; he said that after these allegations…Congressman O’Rourke agrees with Hillary Clinton. He wants liberal activists on the court.”

ACTION STEP:  Please call Sen. Chuck Grassley’s office TODAY at 202-224-3744. Let Washington know that you are totally disgusted by the lies and last-minute efforts by Dems to “abort Kavanaugh” who is an innocent and extremely competent gentleman and is needed on the Supreme Court.

Next, in the mid-terms please vote only for Republicans. Yes, I know how frustrated we all are with some of the spineless and less-than-conservative Republican candidates who are on the ballot; however, we must bear this in mind:

Any Democrat who gets elected will be bullied and dominated by the Democrat Party to support its far-leftwing agenda. The Democrat Party is serious about undoing all of the many accomplishments Pres. Trump’s administration has achieved, including the tax cuts and the investigations of the corruption committed by Hillary and by Obama’s DOJ/FBI.  Any chances of tightening up our borders would stop, and illegals would come sweeping into America. We would become a “Sanctuary Nation” where none of us would be safe.  

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