Addressing Anita Hoge’s Concerns with Ted Cruz’s Positions on Education

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“Addressing Anita Hoge’s Concerns with Ted Cruz’s Positions on Education”

By Donna Garner


Below I have posted two of my e-mails to Anita Hoge, addressing her concerns with Ted Cruz’s education positions.  One of my e-mails is dated 1.31.16, and the one further on down the page is dated 2.1.16: 


Yes, Anita, S 306 and ESSA [NCLB rewrite] are terrible. There is no question about that.  However, all of the Republican candidates support school choice (as shown below). They think parents need to have more options for their children. That sounds so good to so many people. However, you and I know that choice is no choice at all if everything is the Type #2 philosophy of Common Core; and the first time that a private school takes a penny of federal money, those federal strings come along with the federal dollars (IDEA, Section 504, Title I, Title IX, etc.) . It is those federal programs that force private schools to lose the very reason they are private.


I am still very concerned that there does not seem to be court precedent established about taxpayers’ savings grants (TSG’s) nor education savings accounts (ESA’s).  


Through TSG’s, the state gives tax credits to businesses to incentivize them to donate money to an entity designated “scholarship granting organization.”  That organization then gives money to students to use toward tuition at a private school.


ESA’s allow the state to set aside a certain sum of money (based upon a formula of some kind) for any students who want to participate. The ESA can then be withdrawn to use to pay for tutoring, transportation, therapy, online courses, private schools, and/or home schooling.  


I am concerned that no matter how the public dollars are routed in TSG’s or ESA’s, public dollars are still being used; and any institutions that take those public dollars are bound by federal programs and regulations.


I realize that the U. S. Supreme Court has established the constitutionality of school choice plans that include public benefits (Zelman v. Harris Simmons, 536 U. S. 639 (2002); however, so far as I know, there has been no court precedent that says those private schools who take the TSG’s or ESA’s are free from the federal programs and regulations. Vouchers seem to fall into that same trap.


We voters have to make a decision.  We definitely do not want to support a Democrat for President because they are totally into Big Government control of education.  The Republican candidates all seem to support school choice – not just Ted Cruz (as shown below).  The best answer for me is to support the candidate who knows the Constitution the best, the one who immediately saw through Common Core from its inception, and who has said publicly that he intends to repeal Common Core and get rid of the U. S. Dept. of Education. He even has a well-articulated plan on his website ( that explains exactly how he intends to do this, and he knows how legally and Constitutionally this could be done.  


If Ted Cruz, as a strong Constitutionalist, gets elected and begins to dissolve the USDOE one piece at a time, that would open the door to his administration looking at ESSA and other legislation that has been passed to see if the  provisions meet the boundaries established by the Constitution.  Of course, ESSA does not – neither does the Common Core Standards Initiative. With the right person in the White House and with the right people working under him, I believe that we have a chance to get rid of much of the federal control over our schools; and that offers a ray of hope to me. 


Bottom line:  We have to support someone for President, and I believe Ted Cruz’s entire agenda (not only over education) would be the best for America. His website shows his Proven Record which is not based upon pure rhetoric as we hear from people such as Trump.


Anita, whom do you support for President?  






8.17.15 – Donald Trump on school choice —  — “Trump views on education fall in line with most of the Republican field. He supports school choice, opposes Common Core and is likely in favor of for-profit colleges.”




8.5.15 —



Gov. Jeb Bush:  “The children who benefit most from choice are disadvantaged students who are losing out in traditional public schools.”  National Review, January 2014

Dr. Ben Carson:  “I’m ready for school choice. We need to recognize education is the great liberator in our country. No one has to be a victim.”  Forbes, May 2015

Gov. Chris Christie: “Let’s give families an alternative to chronically failing neighborhood schools. A great first step would be to pass the Opportunity Scholarship Act, to give parents a choice of a school that meets their child’s needs.”  Forbes, January 2015

Sen. Ted Cruz:  “And in my view, the most compelling civil rights issue of the 21st century is the need to expand school choice and educational options so that every child, regardless of race … has a fair opportunity to receive an excellent education.”  CNN, December 2014

Fmr. CEO Carly Fiorina:  “If we want to educate our children, let us make sure that every parent has a choice and a chance to educate their children so that they can fulfill their potential.”  Forbes, May 2015

Gov. Mike Huckabee:  “It’s time for parents to be able to choose the school that’s best for their child, with the funding following the child to the school of the parents’ choice.”  Youtube, November 2014

Gov. Bobby Jindal:  “To oppose school choice is to put the wishes of the adults who control the status quo ahead of the needs of our children. To oppose school choice is to oppose equal opportunity.”  Huffington Post, December 2012

Gov. John Kasich:  “I’m for choice in education because I think the more competition (there) is among adults to fight for the right to educate our kids, the better our kids do.”  Forbes, July 2015

Sen. Rand Paul:  “We need to stop limiting kids in poor neighborhoods to failing public schools.”Politico, April 2015

Gov. Rick Perry:  “It’s…time to introduce scholarship programs that give students a choice, especially those who are locked in to low-performing schools.”  The Dallas Morning News, February 2013

Sen. Marco Rubio:  “All our parents should be able to send their children to the school of their choice.”  Forbes, April 2015

Sen. Rick Santorum:  “We should have an educational system that serves the customer of the education system. And of course the customer of the education system is the parent.”  The College Board “Education and Election 2012” Forum, December 2011

Gov. Scott Walker:  “Our goal should be to provide as many quality educational choices for parents as possible.”, May 2015





I stand by my comments; and we stand by Ted Cruz. To focus only on one issue (education), as important as it is, is very short-sighted when it comes to the huge scope of issues with which a President is faced. I have vetted each of the political candidates very carefully not just on education but on a wide array of issues (e.g., the Constitution, the Rule of Law, economy, domestic terrorism, foreign affairs, energy, healthcare, sovereignty, police, military, parental rights, prison system, Islam/Iran, trade, amnesty, banking, downsizing of Big Government, tax plan, border security, firearms, abortion, traditional marriage, immigration, etc. 


The most important of all is that our President must be able to draw upon the Source of all wisdom and knowledge, Jesus Christ.  No human being could ever resolve the terrible damage that Obama has done to America. Our President must be a man of character and of perseverance. His walk must match his talk.


We stand with Ted Cruz as being the best choice for our next President.


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