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The unique Stan Smith was a tennis shoe initially called Adidas Robert Haillet, named after a French professional tennis player from the 1960s. Robert retired in 1965, and in 1971 Horst Dassler met Stan Smith, an American and former tennis player, and agreed to become an official sponsor of the brand’s iconic tennis shoe.

Smith has been helping Adidas Robert Haillet for years. The name of Haillet, however, combined with an image of Smith’s face on the boot, confused. So, in 1978, Adidas officially rebranded the shoe, and since then it has introduced as the Adidas Stan Smith, complete with Smith’s portrait, logo, and signature.

The Adidas Stan Smith becomes a sign

Stan Smith, by Adidas, was initially introduced as a performance shoe. As time tested, it later became symbolic lifestyle shoes that men and women around the world fell in love with it. While this version is now available in a variety of styles and colours. It remains mostly simple in nature and uncompromising comfort, fitted with the same features as it was back in 1972 when Stan Smith wore it when he played in Wimbledon.

Apart from the simplicity of the Adidas Stan Smith shoes, people love it because of its durability. With the classic three dotted lines, this fresh, timeless sneaker has been combined with a range of innovations to solidify its timelessness. The Stan Smith by Adidas was launched in Boost and Primeknit, as well as in both Boost Primeknit versions.

Already worn for four decades, Stan Smith has become a popular sneaker favourite. The iconic model has selected for several high-profile collaborations, from Pharrell Williams to Raf Simons.


In the 1970s, Stan Smith owned a tennis court. His namesake sneakers meet the streets today in the same clean, classical style. Men’s Stan Smith has become synonymous with elegant style and fresh, urban dressing thanks to their sleek style. Men’s Stan Smith Adidas shoes remain true to their original look with sleek leather design, low-profile form and clean trim.


The all-American sneaker named after Stan Smith, a two-time Grand Slam single and five-time Grand Slam double winner. At the time of the 1972 release of the shoe, he is known as one of the best players in the world. Over the years, men’s Stan Smiths have grown from an athletic sneaker to a streetwear staple, dazzling collaborations and exciting variations in a simple style.

The Stan Smith model has not always been called the Stan Smith. In reality, the eponymous silhouette first named after Robert Haillet, the French tennis star. Haillet’s footwear has ushered in a new era for tennis shoes, becoming a play shoe of choice for players all over the world — including rising star Stan Smith.

08 reasons to buy

  1. The primary model in the Stan Smith collection, these shoes are very relaxed, as a large number of reviewers have reported.
  2. At a slight price, uptick can customise by Purchasers (use different colors / materials / lacing systems) or customize (add names / numbers).
  3. According to a large number of loyal fans, it fits the look of the original sneaker that was released back in the 1970s.
  4. Owning this Adidas sneaker model is like owning a piece of history.
  5. Many of the reviewers were deeply appreciative of this sneaker’s every day, elegant and classic look.
  6. Many people wore the sneaker in the entertainment and fashion industries.
  7. It used in all colour combinations of black, white and other colours.
  8. A couple of posts said it’s effortless to clean.

3 Reasons not to purchase

  1. Some of the sneakers biggest fans have commented that the upper leather is of a lower quality than before.
  2. A small number of shoppers were surprised that the shoe was a little tight in the forefoot.
  3. Some have found that the leather creases too easily.


When Adidas put the Stan Smith back about three years ago, there was a revival that few shoes could equal in history. Despite its insane success and following, Adidas retains the shoe’s affordable price tag.

The sneaker is a classic and comfortable look that made it a fan-favourite from regular Joe to the most influential people. Having this shoe is getting a sense of the past without losing the timeless appeal that has made it such a hit over the years.

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