Administrator Tells Girls to Stop Dressing Like ‘Hoes’

Dec 2, 2013 by

On Monday, a spokesperson for the Houston Independent School District said that School Support Officer Dr. Tameca Richardson had told students at Jack Yates High School that they were garbed like “hoes.” The parents of the students were apparently quite upset at the language, with one mother stating, “You don’t know what kind of home half of these girls are coming from or any of these kids are coming from for you to make a statement like that. You don’t know their living condition and you don’t know their parents financial state. That may be the only thing they have to wear. It’s inconsiderate.”

The School District promptly issued an apology for the language:

“Although the administrator had good intentions and was trying to instill pride and purpose in the students, her approach and tone were perhaps inappropriate and not approved by the district. The district apologizes to all Yates students who were offended and wants to assure families and community members this will not happen again.”

via Houston School District Apologizes after Administrator Tells Girls to Stop Dressing Like ‘Hoes’.

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