Adult ADHD symptoms

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When a child has ADHD, it is not that hard to diagnose. In adults, however, it is more difficult to diagnose because the signs are subtle. Some adults may not even know that they are suffering from the condition as it may be ignored as regular occurrences or mistakes that commonly happen. Problems like difficulty in getting organized are issues they may face but can be dismissed as carelessness.

1. Organizational matters

Many responsibilities come with being an adult. There are many bills to pay, children to take care of, and the job to go to amongst many other things. Most people can juggle through all the responsibilities just fine, but those with ADHD have more trouble than usual. They have more issues with organization and have a problem getting things done. This problem of getting things done and organizing things is more problematic and noticeable in an adult than it is in a child.

2. Traffic accidents

People with ADHD suffer from lack of concentration. They usually are unable to concentrate on anything for an extended period. This may lead to some very serious traffic incidences and accidents as they may be unable to focus while being behind the wheel. These symptoms can make a person have a hard time, and they may over speed, forget to look at the traffic signs, and other things.

3. Relationship and marital problems

Marriages are not perfect, and they may go through a lot of problems. For people with ADHD, these matrimonial issues may be more than the usual issues that surround relationships. They may be poor at listening because they cannot concentrate. People with ADHD may have problems paying bills and picking up children from school, and they may generally have issues honoring commitments. Dating people with undiagnosed ADHD may be problematic as they may not understand what is going on.

How martial arts can help alleviate these symptoms for both kids and adults

Martial art is a codified system of traditional combat practices which are practiced for many reasons the major one being self- defense. But as a parent did you know that martial art will help get your child’s focus in check?

ADHD specialists recommend martial art because it is a life study that your child gets to go with at home. Most parents have trouble getting their children to concentrate on one thing for more than 5 minutes. Some are so worried they take their children for tests on diseases such as ADD and ADHD. Martial arts can help alleviate the symptoms.

Martial arts for many parents sound violent. It looks like you will be paying for your child to be trained to be a Chinese warrior Yes martial art seems like it will be a battlefield for your child and they will take you for punching bag someday and hit you. But you are wrong martial art is about patience, self- control and wisdom. It teaches your child which battles to pick and which to ignore. It shows your child to listen before acting and to remember to care about others.

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