Advantageous Courses of the University of Melbourne and Finding The Right One For You

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The world is full of new opportunities and possibilities, especially when it comes to education and career. That’s the reason people prefer studying abroad and you might be thinking of the same as you are here.

When you study abroad while applying with CatEight, those possibilities become yours. Talking about the University of Melbourne, it introduces you to the people where ideas are born. Apart from providing you with the superior Melbourne uni courses, it also allows you to enjoy traditions, languages, cultures,and stories that not only surprise you but also expand your intellect when you journey to a new country.

There are different University of Melbourne courses that can give a new direction to your career. No matter what field you are pursuing your education in, the university has the courses for you. The main goal of the University of Melbourne is to make you excel in your field. So, more preference is given to the hands-on parts rather than just messing up with the notes and books. If you are planning to study in Australia and are looking for the advantageous University of Melbourne courses, here is the list for you.

Before we begin with the list, we would like to inform you that the University of Melbourne is the second most-preferred choice for pursuing undergraduate courses. Here we have listed the most in-demand Melbourne Uni courses.

  • Arts

It is one of the most preferred qualifications that students want to seek from Melbourne University. In addition to providing generalist degrees, Melbourne Model also allows the students to pursue specialist degrees in various streams including arts and law. Fines arts is on the top of the list when it comes to in-demand Uni Melb courses.

  • Science

The second most popular course at the University Of Melbourne for which majority of the students enrol is Science. Various courses that you can choose from in this category are Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Data Analytics, Health Sciences, Psychological Sciences, Veterinary and food sciences and more.

  • Commerce

Next on the list of top Melbourne uni courses is Commerce. Business and Economics is considered as a good career option as everyone wants to work independently. Different courses which fall under this category are Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Actuarial Studies and more.

  • Biomedicine

Biomedicine falls under the category of health studies. At theUniversity of Melbourne, courses are provided by health education leaders. As the university has connections with hospitals and research institutes, it ensures to deliver quality theoretical and practical education. Other related courses include Biomedical Sciences, Psychological Sciences, etc.

  • Design

The University of Melbourne allows you to become a part of the innovative environment professionals. It provides you with highly progressive dynamic studio cultures in Australia by combining art, technology and science with the social and environmental concerns. Students are not only provided with the top-class machinery and materials but are also allowed to work on the real world problems for better learning. You can choose among design, urban design, or landscape design options.

What makes the University of Melbourne Australia’s No. 1 University?

With a noticeable performance in research, excellence in learning and teaching, along with the intellectual and social capital, the University of Melbourne has been consistently positioned with the leading universities of the world. At present, it is ranked number ones in Australia and number 32 in the world. Here are a few of the facts that you need to know about the University of Melbourne:

  • 8,500+ staff
  • 65,000+ students
  • 11.3 students per staff
  • 40% of international students
  • Seven campuses
  • Located in the middle of Parkville precinct

Find your course with CatEight

CatEight is a platform where students can find relevant course according to their current qualification and interest. You can enter the course category, country, qualification, course duration, and course fee to find the right course for you. Once you enter all the information, the platform will display the list, including the course name, institution, campus, fee and some other details. You can look for the University of Melbourne courses from the list to find your course in the world’s most reputed universities.

However, that’s not the all you can get from CatEight. The online CRM system also allows you to find an agent and school. You can even upload your documents to apply for a visa online. So, if you are serious about studying at the University of Melbourne and are looking for an agent who can help you apply for the course and get a visa, you must visit

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