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Google headquartersSteve Jordahl –

Google has informed a Christian publisher it won’t run some of their ads because they contain Christian content.

Concordia Publishing House wanted to run what are called “remarketing ads” – ads that reach out to individuals who have visited a business’ webpage. Google told Concordia that remarketing ads based on religious beliefs are not allowed – but if the Christian publisher would remove all references to the Bible and Jesus, they’d be happy to run the ads.

Jeff Crank of Americans for Prosperity says Google’s actions are inexcusable. “This is proof that government isn’t the only one that knows how to censor,” he tells OneNewsNow. “It’s really shameful that a company like Google would think that this is appropriate.”

According to Crank, moving a $100 billion private company like Google on such an issue will be very difficult – but not impossible. His solution? “The only way to correct that I think is the same way that the whole Target issue was handled, with people exercising [their consumers’ prerogative] and saying I’m just not going to shop at Target ever again.”


And if people of faith, he says, will stop using Facebook and stop responding to ads on Facebook, Google will get the message. “But that’s probably the only way they’ll get it,” he adds.

He says conservatives – and particularly Christians – are being marginalized by companies with a liberal bent. “I think it’s been over the last ten or fifteen years, this slow and methodical effort that people on the left have employed to try and make anyone who disagree with them a bigot,” he concludes.

While this is being played out between Concordia and Google, Congress is looking into the business practices of Facebook, which has also been accused of anti-conservative and anti-Christian bias.

Source: Advice: Don’t ‘google’ anymore

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