Advice For Student Nurses Entering The Profession

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There are few professions as noble or important as nursing. It is also a profession that requires a tremendous amount of care, effort, and training but sometimes without much credit. It can feel completely overwhelming and exhausting when you first begin a career as a nurse as no amount of studying will prepare you for real life scenarios involving people who desperately need your care. Nursing is also a competitive field, and it can be hard to hit the ground running or stand out from the crowd, but here are a few simple pieces of advice for student nurses to enter the profession smoothly and with confidence.


One of the greatest ways to learn the ropes is to follow in the shadow of somebody that you respect and admire. Many hospitals have their own mentorship programs, but if not then, find a nurse that you admire and either discuss with them the idea of mentorship or simply observe them carefully while they work.

Take Care Of Yourself

One of the biggest rookie errors that student nurses make is not properly caring for themselves (which is somewhat ironic). It is, of course, difficult to schedule in regular and nutritious meals, but do everything that you can to eat healthily and stay hydrated – running on coffee and fast food is not a good idea!

Stay Organized

It is very easy to get completely overwhelmed and especially when you first start out as nursing often feels like spinning plates. Do you best to stay organized by prioritizing, planning ahead and writing important information down.

Team Player

Life as a nurse is much easier when you collaborate and have each other’s back. In addition to lightning the workload, it is also invaluable to have a support network of other nurses when things get difficult, so be a team player and be supportive of your colleagues.

Keep Learning

Learning doesn’t stop once you qualify, so do everything that you can to improve your knowledge and skillset. This can be challenging when you work long hours, but one great way to learn is to take an online course – online RN to BSN in Texas, for example, enables nurses to earn their BSN without attending classes. Additionally, do not be afraid of asking questions on the job as it is always better to do this than get something wrong.

Use Time Off Effectively

One of the hardest aspects of the job is leaving everything behind once you finish your shift, but it is vital that you are able to separate your home and professional life so that you can recharge your batteries during time off. You can do this by planning fun activities with friends and family and treating yourself, but you should also make sure that you get enough rest so that you return full of energy and ready to go.

It can be daunting as a student nurse to enter the world of nursing and nothing fully prepares you for your first shift, but this advice should help anyone to succeed in this highly important and rewarding line of work.

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