Aesthetics Training Offers New Careers for Medical Professionals

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The increasing popularity of non-surgical beauty treatments, such as Botox, peels and dermal fillers, represents an interesting opportunity for healthcare and medical professionals. 

With the appropriate training, doctors, dentists and nurses can become aesthetic practitioners, offering lucrative and highly sought-after non-surgical treatments to more discerning patients, ie those looking for a higher-quality service than the high-street salon or local beauty therapist. 

Whether offering these procedures to complement an existing service or as a separate sideline, medically-trained professionals are perfectly placed to take advantage of the increasing demand. It’s even possible to consider an entirely new career focussing solely on aesthetics and non-surgical treatments, or establish a brand new business venture in this flourishing market

So, if you’re a healthcare practitioner or you have a medical background, exploring the options available for retraining could open up a new dimension to your current occupation or allow you to set-up on your own in private practice. 

But where do you begin exploring the possibilities available? How can you ensure you choose the best Aesthetic courses for doctors, nurses and other medical professionals, and receive the right advice for this highly specialised industry?

Exploring training options

Whatever level of service you’d like to offer, if you want to be successful in this competitive market, quality training is essential.

In response to the booming demand for non-surgical aesthetic treatments, the industry has seen a rise in training providers to help practitioners learn how to perform what are still essentially medical procedures safely and well. 

As with any industry, though, quality and standards can vary. But the quality of your training can impact your reputation and success, so it’s worthwhile investing some time and energy in a little due diligence, to ensure you receive the best guidance and instruction available. 

Here are a few key things to look out for as you research your training options.

What to look for in an Aesthetics Training provider

Group size

People tend to learn better and interact more effectively in smaller groups. So, as you review the many training providers, look out for the ones that offer one-to-one sessions or small group training. 

Live patients

Undoubtedly the best learning experience for this kind of procedure is hands-on training and practice with live patients. Though you may find cheaper training options that don’t include this element, it can make such a valuable difference to your confidence and level of expertise that the additional expense is a sound investment. 

Trainer expertise

When looking for quality training, look into the calibre of the instructor or teacher. Are they a medical professional with the appropriate qualifications? What is their background? How much experience do they have? Do their ethics match what’s important to you? The best trainers will also be happy to provide glowing testimonials from previous delegates


Though the aesthetics treatment industry is notorious for being poorly regulated, this is changing and many reputable training companies voluntarily adhere to the highest industry standards. Look out for providers who are accredited with respected and nationally recognised organisations such as the CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Certification Service. 

Business advice

An often overlooked aspect of aesthetics training is the business and commercial aspect. As you review the training options available to you, look for any providers that include this important element as part of their training package. 

Where to find the best training

The obvious place to start looking for training providers is your local area. However, you may find that the best training companies are some distance away and it can be well worth travelling to a provider who has a good reputation and offers the kind of learning environment that you prefer. Some of the more respected companies regularly have delegates flying in from other countries in order to achieve the highest possible standards of training provision. 

Though it may require an initial investment of time, focus and money, choosing the best possible training will ensure you leave with a superior level of expertise and training, as well as guidance in establishing your business in this exciting and popular field.  

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