Akron’s Resnik elementary school closed amid Ebola scare

Oct 17, 2014 by

Judith Resnik Community Learning Center in West Akron was evacuated Thursday amid concerns that the mother of a student came in contact with an Ebola patient who visited the area over the weekend.

The Summit County Health Department notified Akron administrators before school began Thursday morning that the mother, who has not been identified, might have come in contact with Amber Joy Vinson, a nurse visiting from Dallas where she contracted the deadly illness after treating an Ebola patient who died.


“Her child [the Resnik student] did not have contact with Ms. Vinson but has been quarantined as a precaution with the mother and is being monitored by the health department. As an extra precaution, we will perform a thorough cleaning prior to its opening [on Monday],” Superintendent David James said during a news conference around noon Thursday.

Gene Nixon, health commissioner at the Summit County Health Department, joined James at the conference at the district’s board offices.

Nixon said the mother is one of those in the Akron area who came in direct contact with Vinson.

None, he assured, is exhibiting symptoms of Ebola.

James and Nixon also attended a meeting at Firestone High School on Thursday night to talk with concerned parents.

Parents expressed their appreciation for the orderly manner in which the Resnik closing was handled.

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