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Alex Jones will be closely monitoring how this situation unfolds in the coming hours and days and will take action with regards to the accusations being thrown at him accordingly.

Following unsubstantiated claims by the Associated Press Tuesday, the mainstream media jumped on Infowars and Alex Jones like a pack of wild dogs, suggesting that the suspected Boston bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev was a fan of the Austin, Texas based radio host.

In its article, concerned with Tamerlan becoming “radicalized”, AP quotes Elmirza Khozhugov, the ex-husband of Tamerlan’s sister, Ailina, who claims that the suspected bomber “began opposing the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq” and “turned to websites and literature claiming that the CIA was behind the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, and Jews controlled the world.”

Within the same article, the AP says Khozhugov claims that “Tamerlan took an interest in Infowars, a conspiracy theory website.”

Within the same paragraph, the AP then states that “Tamerlan was interested in finding a copy of the book ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion,’ the classic anti-Semitic hoax, first published in Russia in 1903, that claims a Jewish plot to take over the world.”

The AP then quotes Khozhugov as saying that “He never said he hated America or he hated the Jews… But he was fairly aggressive toward the policies of the U.S. toward countries with Muslim populations. He disliked the wars.”

The insinuations and accusations here are manifest; that Infowars propagates anti-semitic and anti-American material that appeals to extremists and terrorists.

Regardless of the fact that Infowars has NEVER disseminated anything even approaching such material, and is for the most part a news aggregator, like The Drudge Report, and despite the fact that Alex Jones is routinely attacked for refusing to overtly criticize Israel and/or the Jewish faith, beyond expressing disdain for the state’s military aggressiveness, the fix was in for the mainstream media repeaters.

Salon, the publication that in the hours after the attack was willing and praying the bomber to turn out to be a white American, published a smear piece simply entitled “Tamerlan Tsarnaev was an Alex Jones fan”.

Within the piece by Alex Seitz-Wald, who routinely attacks Infowars presumably just so someone will actually read his work, suggests that the information “underscores how dangerous and seductive conspiracy theories can be,” adding that “Even the extermination campaigns of the Third Reich were essentially built on a conspiracy theory.”

Again, the same subtle accusation against Infowars is bandied around without a shred of evidence to back it up.

It’s the same classic smear-by-association attempt that Infowars has become accustomed to whenever we provide ahead of the curve information on an event, and all eyes become focused on the website.

In April 2009, several media outlets were forced to issue retractions following claims they made attempting to assign blame to Alex Jones for being an influence in the tragic shooting of three Pittsburgh police officers by one Richard Poplawski.

Even the New York Times parroted the claims, before it emerged that Poplawski had openly criticized Jones’ anti-racist political viewpoint.

Is it possible that Tamerlan Tsarnaev read stories on Infowars? Yes. Infowars receives millions of visitors per day. At the height of the bombing news coverage, the website was receiving over 100,000 individual visitors per minute and at one point over seven million people were on

Combined with the millions that tune in to Jones’ daily radio show, Infowars completely dwarves many mainstream media news outlets on a global scale.

Does this mean there are millions of terrorists intent on killing innocent people with pressure cooker bombs? No. Does this mean that there are millions of people who are interested in reading “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”? No. Why the hell would it?

The leap of logic here is patently ridiculous. It is akin to claiming that Warner Brothers are responsible for internment camps in North Korea, because former leader Kim Jong Il was a fan of the Daffy Duck cartoon.

The information that Infowars continues to publish regarding the incident in Boston is the reason why millions of people are returning to the website.

Aside from the mountains of information that the mainstream media will not touch, such as the reported simultaneous drills at the bombing scene, the unidentified security personnel at the scene, and the voluminous discrepancies in the accounts of how the gunfight with police unfolded, there are serious questions to be asked about the FBI’s knowledge of, and prior contact with, the suspects.

The fact that Members of the Senate Intelligence Committee were told yesterday that Russian authorities warned the FBI about the potential threat Tamerlan Tsarneav posed not once but “multiple times” and “at least once since October 2011.”

Given the FBI’s admission that it interviewed Tamerlan in 2011, and the continued claims of the suspects’ parents that the FBI had regular contact with the suspects for five years, and even BEYOND the bombings, why isn’t the mainstream media asking serious questions about this?

Infowars has also published information relating to the shady Saudi links to the Boston incident, that the mainstream media, other than The Blaze, has uniformly FAILED to cover in any depth. The federal government played dumb over the fact that a known potential terrorist was apprehended at the scene of the bombing, and then immediately, without any explanation, scheduled him for deportation on a terrorist designation. Now, following intense pressure from Americans who have contacted their elected representatives, the DHS has had to finally address the case of the Saudi person of interest. Where are the mainstream media on this?

This information is not incidental, it is at the very heart of the bombing that killed Americans and led to a police state style 24 hour lockdown in a major city, with people being ripped from their homes by SWAT teams.

We now have Georgia Sen. Saxby Chambliss claiming that a law enforcement agency may have had information in advance of the Boston bombings that wasn’t properly shared. Yet only a handful of local news stations are reporting this. Why?

Is it a coincidence that, without a shred of evidence, the only media organisation asking these weighty questions is now being linked with the suspects?

Infowars is one of the only media sources that in the wake of this event has presented concise evidence that the FBI engages in provocateuring patsy terrorists ALL THE TIME. EVEN THE NEW YORK TIMES COVERS THIS. When there have been over 20 attempted major terrorist attacks since 9/11, and the vast majority of them have turned out to be operations directly run by the FBI, why should we suddenly stop questioning the FBI’s involvement when an attack is pulled off? ESPECIALLY GIVEN THAT THE FBI HAS ATTEMPTED TO PLAY DUMB ON ITS PREVIOUS CONNECTIONS WITH THE SUSPECTS!

We have documented that throughout the history of humans on this planet, false flag is a favored form of statecraft for governments and rulers. What has changed? Are we suddenly supposed to ignore history?

Alex Jones will be closely monitoring how this situation unfolds in the coming hours and days and will take action with regards to the accusations being thrown at him accordingly.

» Media Jumps On Alex Jones In Desperate Attempt To Connect Infowars To Bomb Suspects Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!.

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