Alex Jones Files Lawsuit Against Georgetown University Law School

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Top First Amendment experts believe Jones will prevail

Kit Daniels –

Alex Jones and Infowars have launched an anti-SLAPP motion against a defamation lawsuit filed by Twitter personality Brennan M. Gilmore and Georgetown University, in addition to filing a motion to dismiss the suit entirely.

The 29-page motion, filed by Jones’ attorneys on Tuesday, states that Gilmore failed to explain how statements made by Jones and independent journalist Lee Stranahan were in any way defamatory and that the suit itself fits the definition of a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation (SLAPP), which is illegal in many states because such lawsuits impede free speech by burdening defendants with legal fees.

Additionally, Jones’ legal team pointed out that the lawsuit was filed in Virginia, a state which the defendants have no connection to whatsoever and thus the court “lacks personal jurisdiction over the Free Speech Defendants.”

“The circumstances of this suit demonstrate that it lacks any merit, was brought solely to harass and burden the defendants, and ultimately amounts to a publicity stunt, not a good-faith legal action to address real claims of the plaintiff,” the motion states.

The legal team also pointed out that the lawsuit reads like a rant and rave editorial that “gratuitously swipes at Jones and Infowars for pages” over matters that had nothing to do with Gilmore, Georgetown University or any of the alleged claims of the lawsuit.

“These statements represent nothing more than an attempt by Gilmore to provide a political message by invoking allegations that are immaterial to the statement of alleged claims,” the motion states. “If Gilmore disagrees with Jones and Infowars, he has the right to express his grievances, but a court pleading is not the proper vehicle to do so.”

“The inclusion of these extraneous and irrelevant allegations underlines that the Complaint is nothing more than a publicity vehicle for Gilmore and his advocacy.”

Furthermore, the lawsuit had no legal reason to name Infowars reporter Lee Ann McAdoo as a defendant, the motion adds.

“It alleges no conduct on her part for which it seeks to impose liability, and Gilmore could have no basis to assert actual malice (or any degree of culpability) against a person who was merely interviewing someone else [Stranahan] who made the statement he challenges,” it continues. “Having baselessly dragged her into a lawsuit, Gilmore proceeds to gratuitously malign McAdoo by identifying her as a ‘reporter’ in scare quotes.”

You can read the full motion to dismiss and the background information on the lawsuit below, as well as watch Alex Jones’ press conference over the lawsuit:


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