All about Becoming a Professional Floral Designer through Formal Education

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It is a reputable career to choose as a floral designer. Professional floral designers use flowers and plants to prepare amazing arrangements and designs for weddings, banquets, funerals, and every other occasion. Those who are aiming at a floral designer career should have excellent artistic skills, a creative eye, and passion for working closely with people, their emotional states, and preferences to fulfill floral arrangement needs. Here, we will discuss a few inputs for the professional floral designer aspirants.

Learning the basics of floral design

As we’d seen above, floral designers need to cut, preserve, and arrange live, dried, and artificial flowers in various types of decoratively display. The provider needs to work closely with the customers to pick flowers, containers, ribbons, and other add-ons in order to prepare a customized and theme-specific floral display.

Professional floral designers may grow the flowers their own or get it for a wholesale flower dealer. It is a very time-sensitive industry as the live flowers don’t have a big lifespan once after being cut from the plant. Meeting deadlines and working under pressure are the prerequisites of the floral designer job.

You get trained to nurture your natural skills in the below area through a professional floral design training program as offered by IWED Global Floral Design School or so.

  • Artistic skills: One should develop a strong sense of various styles and skills to coordinate various colors, styles, and types of plants, flowers, and leaves to come up with aesthetically pleasing designs.
  • Creativity: Artistic ability can be taught to some extent, but creativity should be there as an inborn skill. However, when it comes to floral designing, you can learn to create various creative design approaches for different occasions through proper training.
  • Attention to minute details: One should carefully go through every detail in order to complete an order. You should develop an eye on details to become a professional floral designer.

Training programs

Most of the current-day floral designers flaunt of a specialized high school diploma horned their skills for the job. There are also specialized programs and apprenticeships for floral design career aspirants. Many branded flower shops also offer primary training in floral designs to their employees and also interns. When it comes to practicing professionally as a floral designer, it will be advantageous to have a degree or certificate program in this specialty.

There are associate degrees like AA or AAS degree available in floral design, horticulture, and floristry. The coursework for such programs includes theoretical classes about a variety of flowers, plants, preservation and arrangement of flowers, emotions associated with various types of flowers, and many more topics.

Becoming a floral design expert, many people are self-employed too now in the floral industry, which is a highly-lucrative business sector if you know the rules of the trade. To become an independent floral design expert, it is ideal for working along with an experienced floral designer for some time and also trying for an apprentice at some leading floral retailers.

Apart from floral design, you also need to learn to tie the ribbons and bows, cutting the flower stems at appropriate lengths, customer management, handling and preserving different types of flowers and plants, and latest models of flower arrangements for various occasions.

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