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Many people are not aware or have a clear understanding regarding the career coaching or on how to choose a career coach. A career coach helps you to reach your career goals and be with you throughout this journey. In a client and a coaching relationship, the coach offers you the support, help, and the direction that you require to meet your objective. Depending on the objectives, the coach determines the steps to be taken. This strengthens the awareness that may be blocking you to attain your goals. With his help, you may establish the realistic goals, build self-confidence, establish motivation or develop the action plans. 

With the advice of a career coach, you can make significant changes in your career and make it something that you have always thought of as your ultimate goal. The complete process adds excitement, and the one-to-one partnering is an excellent way of receiving support, personalized advice, and guidance when you make your career decisions. If you are looking for job hunting advice Singapore, you can hire a career coach who can offer you a customized plan, and it will make you accomplish what you intend to achieve. By availing this service, you will be able to develop your proficiencies and also shape your future career.

Choosing the right career coach

You are trying to find out a career coach but the market is already proliferated with a vast number of coaches, so how would identify a good coach? For this, you have to check out the credentials of the career coach, whether he holds a certification from a global organization, which is into providing formal training. To help people achieve the goals related to work, he must have real experience in the work field. Many career coaches are excellent in offering life coaches but are not able to give any practical solutions. So, a person to help you make your career decision should undergo various working conditions.

You should check his authenticity, and for that, he should provide you with some references from his previous clients. You can opt for the recommendations provided by your relative, friend, or your acquaintances. You can also look at the reviews and the ratings that are given on the social media. Choose someone who is recognized and renowned for his achievements. He should be a person who is fully committed and dedicated to this profession. An excellent career coach knows the way to determine your goal. He should identify the particular milestones. Again, you should always opt for the one-to-one sessions.


When you are searching for job hunting advice Singapore, you go for a discussion to realize your potential and goal. The first consultation fee should be free. Whenever you think of hiring a consultant for advising on your career, it is perfect to consider regarding the cost. Some sessions may continue for an hour while some may even last for one day. Go for the consultation services that charge a reasonable fee and avoid paying a huge amount of money.

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