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Aug 12, 2012 by

by Donna Garner –

Two years later, many Americans have probably forgotten how ObamaCare got passed on 3.21.10 and what has happened since then.

Below, I have posted various links to:

(#1) the final version (7 of 7) of the healthcare bill (H. R. 3590)

(#2) who voted for and against H. R. 3590 as documented by the New York Times

(#3) the progress of H. R. 3590 as it went through Congress – as documented by the New York Times

(#4) the timeline for implementation of H. R. 3590 according to the Ways & Means Committee

(#5) what’s in H. R. 3590 – article updated on 8.10.12

(#6) the announcement on 8.11.12 of Paul Ryan as Romney’s VP choice

(#7) C-SPAN video – 6 minutes long – of Paul Ryan warning Obama and Congress about the dire economic impact of ObamaCare



Final text of H. R. 3590 — The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (a.k.a., ObamaCare)

(7th version at the bottom of the page – Enrolled Version):

Enrolled Version – 7th —

PDF of Enrolled Version – 7th



3.21.10 – The last vote on H. R. 3590 occurred in the House – House 165.

Needed 216 to pass – received 219

Republicans who voted for the bill: 0

Republicans who voted against the bill: 178

Other: 0

Democrats who voted for the bill: 219

Democrats who voted against the bill: 34

Other: 0



H. R. 3590 was signed by President Obama on 3.23.10.

Bill Progress and Bill Actions:



4.4.10 — Committee on Ways and Means – Republicans – Ranking Member: Dave Camp

Timelines on the Democrats’ Healthcare Package:



What’s in Obamacare? Please go to:



8.11.12, 10:00 A. M. – “The Comeback Team: Romney and Ryan” by Donna Garner —



Please watch the 6-minute C-SPAN video from 2.25.10 of Paul Ryan warning Obama, Biden, Sibelius, and Congressional leaders that ObamaCare would bankrupt our country and would raise – not lower – healthcare costs. Less than a month later (3.21.10), Obama and the Democrats ruthlessly passed the bill in spite of the objections of all Republican Congressmen and most Americans:

The only way to stop the complete implementation of ObamaCare is to vote Obama and his administration out of office on Nov. 6, 2012, and then to repeal and replace H. R. 3590 with cost-effective measures that will keep America’s healthcare system the best in the world.

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