All education needs innovation

Mar 29, 2018 by

Kevin Miller –

When the 21st Century Michigan Education Commission published a comprehensive report, the recommendations were bold. We must take them recommendations seriously.

The report aims to position Michigan’s education system as a national leader in education and developing talent. One thing is clear: Innovation is needed, at all levels.

St. Clair County schools, working with our partners at Michigan Virtual, are defining innovation through the creation of our own online/school-of-choice hybrid. The hybrid program — called LearnON — is a groundbreaking partnership — coordinated countywide through the St. Clair County Regional Education Service Agency (RESA). Powered by Michigan Virtual, it connects the county’s seven public school districts, using the teachers across these districts to instruct online courses.

St. Clair County RESA had already partnered with Michigan Virtual as an online course provider before the creation of LearnON. Michigan Virtual has provided high-quality online courses for students and professional development for educators across our state for 20 years, making it the perfect partner for this effort.

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