All hail mediocrity: Principal cancels Honors Night in favor of ‘all-inclusive assembly’

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IPSWICH, Mass. – David Fabrizio, the principal of Ipswich Middle School, could be the new poster boy for cultural Marxism.

He’s concerned about students having hurt feelings. So much so that he’s decided to cancel the school’s Honors Night program because all students don’t share in the honors.

Good grief.

If people like Fabrizio have their way, they will create a mediocre society in which there is no reward for success and achievement – no incentive to do better.

Note to Fabrizio: the real world doesn’t work that way. And you are not preparing your students for real life by pretending that it does.


An Ipswich principal is in hot water with some parents after he reportedly canceled the middle school’s Honors Night.

David Fabrizio, principal of Ipswich Middle School, notified parents of his plan to eliminate the school’s Honors Night last week.

“The Honors Night, which can be a great sense of pride for the recipients’ families, can also be devastating to a child who has worked extremely hard in a difficult class but who, despite growth, has not been able to maintain a high grade point average,” Fabrizio penned in his first letter to parents.

Fabrizio also said he decided to make the change because academic success can be influenced by the amount of support a student receives at home and not all students receive the same level of emotional and academic support at home.

Parents say they feel he is bringing down the education system; however, Fabrizio says he plans to include the honors ceremony with a previously planned end of the year assembly where students will be recognized in front of the entire student body.

In a follow-up letter, Fabrizio attempted to explain that he has “no intention of bringing down American education.”

In fact, Fabrizio, coming from a coaching background, believes competitive environments are healthy and necessary, but he feels everyone should be included.

The assembly is tentatively scheduled for the week of June 17th.

Why is America losing its competitive advantage? Why don’t youngsters want to earn anything anymore? Because people like Fabrizio are more concerned about protecting their feelings than aspiring them to greatness.

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