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“All-Important Race for Texas Attorney General”

by Donna Garner




Do you want to know what goes on behind the scenes in the Texas Legislature? 


Do you want to get the inside story of how deals are made among Texas Legislators? 


Do you want to be able to identify which Texas Legislators are authentic conservatives and care more about passing conservative legislation than about raising money for their next campaign?  


Do you want to know which ones have a record of caving at the last minute when threats, buy-offs, and/or arm twisting take place?  (This is what Ken Paxton did in the 82nd Legislative Session when grassroots people all over this state had worked so hard to promote his becoming the Speaker of the House.  At the last minute, he removed his name from consideration which kept the voters from getting a record vote on all the Texas House members.)  


It is time for Texans to get serious about the Texas Attorney General’s race with the primaries coming on March 4, 2014.


Three viable candidates are running for the TAG:  Barry Smitherman, Ken Paxton, and Dan Branch.  


So far as I am concerned, Dan Branch is not even a contender because he is a RINO (Republican in Name Only) and has been a close associate of left-leaning House Speaker Joe Straus for many years.


Even though Branch (who has a lucrative war chest provided by the liberals) is trying to run to the right before the March 4 primaries to fool unsuspecting conservatives to vote for him, he must not be elected TAG because he would put Texas’s conservative values in peril.  


Here are two recent podcasts.  Both are engaging and easy to listen to because they tell a fascinating story: 


Texas House Rep. Bill Zedler explains what happened to him and to other legislators behind the scenes in the 81st and 83rd Legislative Sessions.  (He also gives a few details of what happened in the 82nd Legislative Session.)  This is the insider information that most of us voters never get to hear:


Then Alice Linahan and Rebecca Forrest, who are conservative activists, explain from their point of view what happened to them and to other concerned citizens during various Legislative Sessions, particularly during the 82nd.  They also share how vitally important it is for the TAG to stand against Common Core Standards and CSCOPE:


12.30.13  —


By putting these stories together, the voters can get a clear understanding of what really happened and who would have the courage as TAG to stand up to the Obama administration in the years to come. 


We all know that Texas is in the crosshairs of the liberals to turn our state Blue.  We also know that one way to achieve this goal is to use the schools to indoctrinate this and succeeding generations to become low-information voters who vote with their emotions instead of basing their decisions upon the facts and historical evidence.     


What we have to do as voters is to figure out which candidates are the “real thing” based upon their past records and which ones only parrot conservative sound bites while running.  As Bill Zedler, Alice Linahan, and Rebecca Forrest explain in their podcast comments, it is no longer business as usual in America.  Our country is at the point where the future of our nation as we know it is hanging by a thread.  We must elect candidates who not only run as conservatives but also govern as conservatives no matter what pressure is exerted upon them.   




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