All The Best Italian Pasta Types You Need To Know

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What is the first thing (apart from Venice) that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Italy’? Isn’t it pasta? The traditional Italian dish is extremely popular all around the globe, with numbers of restaurants serving authentic Italian pasta in different forms today. Yes, pasta is way beyond spaghetti.

It can be quite confusing to pick the right pasta type, thanks to their shapes, sizes, and various other attributes. Here’s a guide that can help you understand different types of Italian pasta and buy the right one.

Types Of Pasta

Due to its diversity, Italy’s culinary is hard to understand and explain. However, pasta is a staple to an Italian menu. The food comes in many types and sizes. Below are some of them:

  • Spaghetti

It is one of the most common and popular types of Italian pasta. It’s long and thin in shape. The pasta is usually made of milled wheat and water. Apart from restaurants worldwide, one can get the Italian pasta online and cook it at home. The best way to serve the dish is with the tomato sauce, although some also combine spaghetti with vegetables.

  • Penne

It is cylinder-shaped pasta with two variants- furrowed and smooth. Apart from Italians, many pasta lovers choose penne pasta over others due to its shape and easy-to-eat feature. It can be served with various kinds of sauces, including arrabbiata and pesto.

  • Lasagne

When we talk about an authentic Italian pasta, lasagne is always there in all the lists of traditional pasta from Italy. One of the oldest dishes, the appetising food is wide in shape. There are several layers of lasagne filled with sauces and various kinds of ingredients like cheese and meat.

  • Macaroni

Those who prefer to have dry pasta should taste macaroni. Although elbow-shaped is the most common macaroni type, it also comes in many shapes and sizes. Mac n Cheese is common and the most popular form of macaroni that people around the world like to have.

  • Fusilli

Twisted in shape, fusilli is a traditional Italian pasta that is served by restaurants across the globe. The pasta type is made using a small rod to press and roll the pasta strips. Although it’s a traditional Italian dish, chefs have their unique ways of preparing fusilli and serving it to foodies. In many restaurants, it is cooked with chicken.

  • Gnocchi

Gnocchi pasta is small and soft yet thick, when prepared. These are the kinds of soft dough dumplings made using ingredients like wheat, cheese, eggs, and others. Although gnocchi is considered as a main course dish in many Italian restaurants, some people also consume it as a side dish to the main course.

  • Tagliatelle

The pasta belongs to Italy’s Emilia-Romagna and Marche regions. It’s thin and long in shape, similar to flat ribbons. There are a variety of ways to serve the Italian cultural dish, and many like it with Bolognese sauce. You can also prepare the tagliatelle pasta at home. All you need to have is the pasta product made in Italy by a renowned Italian company.

  • Bucatini

It looks similar to spaghetti, but its thickness differentiates it from the strand-like pasta type. Apart from that, the pasta’s structure includes a hole running through its center that makes it a tube-shaped pasta. The main ingredients of bucatini pasta are wheat flour and water. There are multiple ways to serve the traditional Italian food, and buttery sauces the most common of them.

  • Farfalle

If you are looking for a unique pasta shape, then go for farfalle. Its structure seems similar to a bow-tie. With each passing day, the popularity of farfalle is growing immensely around the world. It means you can easily find it as a dish at an Italian restaurant.

In The End

If you are thinking of cooking any of these pasta types at home, then get your favorite type from a reputed Italian store. You can buy them online from an Italian food online store that sells products made by popular Italian companies. You can prepare delicious pasta at home only if you are buying it from a reputed Italian food store.

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