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Unlike those in the past, educational institutions and other organizations today rely on smart technology by adapting to online teaching and learning through the learning management system (LMS). The software is known for the ease at which it helps the teachers or trainers deliver the learning resources to the learners and track their engagement, participation and performance. Schoology LMS is one among the recognized learning platforms that assist educational institutions to design a curriculum, devise lesson plans and upload them on the LMS to help students learn and take assessments.

What Is Schoology LMS?

A virtual learning management system, Schoology is designed for educators and teachers to devise creative materials for K-12 students to learn and share and give assessments. The online platform also allows the learners to access through Android and Chrome apps, wherein they are engaged through reading different materials, watching related videos, participating in discussions, forums and debates and taking tests or quizzes.

Being intuitive, the teachers find this latest technology easy to use and help the learners meet their educational objectives.

How to Make the Best of It?

The introduction of LMS has revolutionized the learning process. Schoology LMS offers distinctive tools, which help empower schools and improve learner performance. Teachers can customize learning by offering related resources and specific assignments to each student and thus, help students have a personalized learning experience.

The integrated cloud-based platform allows the user to employ various tools and services for the best learning management, as well as assessments. Other than making digital content for learning and assignments, the sophisticated tools also help students and instructors check the content for plagiarism before posting it online. Any research paper or scientific journal prepared is of no use if it has duplicate content.

It is possible for such work to use the original authors words and phrases but with proper references and quotation marks. A reliable plagiarism tool integrated with Schoology LMS helps detect all the plagiarism issues and provide a detailed report for the researcher to refine the writing. Teachers can scan several students’ work at a time and give feedback regarding citations, paraphrasing, grammatical mistakes and word choice errors.

Using an integrated LMS platform, you can show that you are committed to academic integrity by having unique ideas, expressions and work,

How Does It Help Tackle Plagiarism?

With the online learning gaining momentum, the demand for an LMS that fulfills every aspect of the educator and learner is important. Most educational institutions are into online training leveraging the potential of LMS. They connect students across the world and deliver sessions in a virtual classroom sharing the resources stored at a common place. Through this platform, students can demonstrate their ability by sharing their work through tests or projects. Nevertheless, the ease of accessibility to information has led to increase in the number of plagiarism cases.

The LMS platform offers varied features, which include searching extensively for resources to refer and write assignments, sharing notes, collaborating, and so on. This makes copying easy, which the teachers are concerned about. There are plagiarism checkers that can work in tandem with the online learning platform to help teachers ensure that the academic assignments are free of duplicate content.

An educational institution can have a reliable plagiarism detector integrated with it to assist both the teachers and educators use it before submitting a research paper online. There are chances of accidental plagiarism in an academic paper, which one can hardly avoid. The online plagiarism tool on the LMS can identify similar content using variable sensitive settings. Moreover, it also helps check for plagiarism from extensive range of resources, which include websites, journals, academic papers, and so on.

Using it teachers can help students with a feedback to use the citations, quotation marks and references appropriately as required by the specific writing styles. When academic integrity is crucial for learning, as well as research for researchers, academicians, students and scholars, helping them understand its role by teaching them how and when to use citations, references, quotations and paraphrasing will help avoid plagiarism.

Thus, Schoology LMS is good enough in offering effective tools that help both educators and students have seamless online experience.

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