Those Amazing Builders Reviewed by Adrienne Deupree

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Title: Those Amazing Builders

Author: Charlotte Forbes
Publisher: Trilogy Publications LLC

Those Amazing Builders” is a book aimed towards middle school and high school children who might be wondering what to do next in their lives. Deciding on a career in high school can be tough, and this book goes on to explain the ins and outs of what builders do to inform those who might be curious and considering a career in construction or similar endeavors. The book covers everything from building skyscrapers, family homes, stadiums, roller coasters to what goes into making tunnels for subways and even the green movement.

The design features a lot of informative text as well as different pictures that are relevant to the information presented. This would be a more difficult read for younger children who might be interested in construction or building things, and possibly give middle school students a tougher time than it would high school students, so I would recommend this book more to the high school students than to the middle school students.

I feel that while there is a lot of information in this book, the information that is presented seems like a lot to take in all at once and reading it can seem monotonous which may discourage those whom might otherwise had shown interest. For those who are honestly interested in a career in construction, design, or architecture, there is a section titled “How Do I Get There from Here?” which could help an aspiring construction worker get started or at least put them on the right path.

It also features links to websites that can further educate or help them find a school pertaining to their interests.

Reviewed by Adrienne Deupree

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