Amazing Recommendation Letter Samples for Students

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A Recommendation Letter Template for Student is an assessment of the student’s personal qualities and his main achievements during his studies at the university by the curator, dean, supervisor, etc.

This document may be needed in the following cases: for an internship, admission to graduate school, to a foreign university, etc. Here check Sample of Student Recommendation Letter

Recommendations can do an excellent service for admission to graduate school, if you wish to continue your studies abroad, for an internship, etc. This letter may be compiled by the student’s supervisor, department head, curator, deputy dean or dean of the university.

Tips How to Write a Letter of Recommendation to a Student

  • The recommendation to the student is made out on the letterhead of the university with a company logo and stamp and has the structure of a business letter. It includes the following information:
  • The More Professional Letters of recommendation to the student has the structure of a business letter.
  • It begins with the title of the document.
  • It then indicates for how long and in what capacity the referee was familiar with the student.
  • The name of the letter is written in the middle of the line;
  • The main text of the letter is written in any form. The name, surname and patronymic of the student, and the period of study at the university (university name) are indicated. Then the recommender is indicated – the surname, name and patronymic of the teacher, his position and how he communicated with the student, for example, was his supervisor, or curator.
  • Next, you should reveal the student’s ability to learn, his abilities and talents, his strengths. It would not be superfluous to indicate his participation in the public life of the university, to tell about his personal qualities.
  • Here you can mention the student’s victories in competitions, his participation in competitions and creative projects, his awards. Recommendations are given;
  • The recommender signs the letter – surname, name and patronymic, position and telephone number for communication;
  • Date of writing
  • After that, an assessment of the strengths, abilities of the student, his success during his studies is conducted. Here you can tell about his participation in competitions, various competitions, competitions, the presence of awards, certificates, places of honour, etc.
  • The main text of the letter of recommendation to the student ends with recommendations.
  • At the end of the letter of recommendation, the signer’s signature is put, his position, surname and initials are indicated, as well as the contact telephone number is written and the date of the letter is written.

A student can choose a magistracy not only from the university where he studied for the undergraduate program, therefore the content of the letter should describe in detail his attitude to the educational process, as well as information allowing him to give preference to this student.

If there is an admission to the magistracy of the same educational institution, letters of recommendation, as a rule, are issued by direct scientific leaders or training supervisors. Only these individuals have the opportunity to evaluate the student’s personal attitude to study and recommend it for further study.

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