Amerians Worship Obamacare

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In Obama’s Dreams that is!

There is a strong push currently being made by advocates of Obamacare to convince Americans it is the best thing that has ever happened to this country. Even celebrities are being trotted out by the White House to tell us how lucky we are to be forced into a system that is both built on promises that were never intended to be kept, and one that is ethically and morally bankrupt that they, members of Congress and other cronies of the elite will never have to use.

The truth about Obamacare that no one will tell you is it is NOT about healthcare it is about centralized government control:

1. It is about control of 1/6 of the economy.

All working Americans will have to either submit proof of insurance or enter an exchange. In order to be compliant an individual who enters the exchange will have to submit their tax return, their social security number, their employers tax ID, banking account information, their address, and telephone number. The information is kept on file for several years. If employment changes the following year and a person ends up making more money and pricing out of the government supplement, an individual will have to pay the government back. Say goodbye to the tax return and say hello to the incentive to work as little as possible in order to be eligible for government assistance.

2. It is about control of physicians

Because of government regulations, the cost of compliance, and the rising cost of doing business coupled with the dramatic drop in reimbursements, independent private physicians are being driven out of business either into retirement or into the arms of hospitals or large group practices that are increasingly becoming satellites of large hospital systems. The cost structure of a hospital is vastly different from a private physician for a myriad of reasons–overhead and fiduciary responsibility to stock holders to turn a profit at the top of the list. What it would cost a patient in an independent physician’s office doubles or triples in a physician practice owned by a hospital.

3. It is about control of your private health information

Under the guise of efficiency and cost savings both physicians and patients were encouraged to get on the electronic medical record bandwagon. Instead of efficiency what was accomplished is a treasure trove of private medical information which can be mined by various government agencies including HHS, IRS, and the FBI (to prosecute fraud and abuse). Makes you wonder about the role of NSA or Homeland Security. What if an individual has been prescribed an antidepressant for something as benign as an aid to help them stop smoking? Will that flag them and cause them to fail a background check if they are seeking to obtain a license for a gun?

4. It is about control of your money

The middle class was told that Obamacare would sock it to the rich and redistribute their wealth as a doctrine of fairness. The truth is wealthy people like Warren Buffet are still paying less taxes than their secretaries, corporations like Apple and GE are paying little or no taxes, and big corporations are exempt from paying for Obamacare until 2014. The reality is that small business and the middle class are on the hook now more than at any other time in our history–responsible for paying the way of both the wealthy and the poor. For anyone that has looked at the cost of Obamacare critically it is obvious that the middle class will take an enormous hit.

  • Employers will no longer be able to write off the expense for coverage for their employees as a business expense, making them more likely to drop coverage. 
  • Employees cannot write off payment of health insurance premiums.
  • The threshold for writing off personal health expenses has jumped to almost 10,000 out of pocket.
  • Those with a health savings account (HSA) cannot use their money to purchase cost effective over the counter medication or nutritional supplements–only more expensive prescription medication.

  • Out of pocket expenses for the Obamacare “silver” plan will cost the monthly premium, plus the individual would have to pay $2500 out of pocket before the insurance would kick in. Imagine someone working for minimum wage or a family having to pay into the system, and then paying an additional $2500 dollars every year just to access the system. It will lead to a decrease in access because the individual won’t be able to afford it because entering the exchange will only help pay the premium.


5. It is about control of your freedom to live your life as you choose.

New York is the template. Big gulps and popcorn are only the beginning. Under the guise of  ‘meaningful use’ health care personnel are collecting all sorts of information about you. Your height, your weight, your vaccine history, whether you ever thought of harming yourself or others, and if there are guns in the home are some examples of data that is being collected. Because Obamacare is a socialized collectivist system we are all seen as tied to one another. If there is a group that is deemed to be taking more resources they will be dealt with. For example, if your body mass index (BMI) is too high, you will treated as a risk for a big ticket illness such as heart disease or diabetes. Now that obesity is considered a disease by the American Medical Association, mandated behavior modification will not be far behind. In the future, try buying soda or potato chips with an EBT card if you receive public assistance and your health record tags you as obese –social engineering 101.

Obamacare is corrupt scheme that has fooled Americans into entering a system that will limit their health care choices, encroach upon their freedom, rob them of their hard earned money, and destroy their privacy.

Obamacare’s Cost Of Control.

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