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“America is Not Lost If We Do Our Part”

By Donna Garner



We cannot be silent and afraid to take on the lies of the LGBTQ agenda. We are still living under Obama’s curse. It was Obama and his administration who exponentially thrust the LGBTQ agenda upon America when in 2009 U. S. Sect. of Education Arne Duncan brought in Kevin Jennings to be the Assistant Deputy Secretary in the Office of Safe Schools.  

Kevin Jennings was the homosexual founder of GLSEN which promotes homosexual clubs in high schools, middle schools, and grade schools. He was the driving force behind establishing and promoting the “Day of Silence” which was used to pressure students into not only tolerating LGBTQ but into promoting and then advocating for it. 

In 2010, Obama arbitrarily changed Title IX to include “gender identity”; and he placed every school in America – K – 16, public and private — under the threat of the Civil Rights Commission if his “Dear Colleague” letters were not followed. This forced the LGBTQ agenda into all schools in our nation (private and public) all the way from kindergarten through colleges/universities.

Because so many Americans were silent and did not want to get involved in the subject of LGBTQ and Obama’s social justice agenda, the entire set of lies came pouring into the minds and souls of our nation’s students.  


Even though we now have solid evidence to prove that Common Core has lowered students’ academic achievement throughout our country, in the eyes of Obama and his administration, Common Core is a huge success.  The LGBTQ movement is well on its way to take over our nation. 

Gender identity and gender preference are now common bywords.  Little children are taking hormone blockers that will leave them incapable of ever having their own children.  Body parts are being cut off as deceived young people are “transitioning” into a life of misery and chaos – never to be able to go back and become normal males nor females again.

Sexually transmitted diseases are running rampant among the LGBTQ community, and perverse sexual activities are leaving people without the ability to have normal bodily functions.

Medical doctors are finding objects buried in people’s body cavities (e.g., sex toys), and all sorts of abnormal conditions are being documented in people’s sexual organs; but, unfortunately, many in the medical community are afraid to speak out for fear of losing their medical practice by publicly being labeled “homophobic” by the LGBTQ community.


The purpose of Common Core was never to raise students’ academic achievement; the purpose was to steal their minds and souls and to indoctrinate them into the social justice agenda.  Since almost the first day that Obama was on the job, he and his administration began the step-by-step, careful implementation of their Common Core plan and their community organizing strategies based largely on Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.  

Instead of students having time to gain foundational knowledge and skills that have equipped previous generations of Americans to become the greatest entrepreneurs on earth, Common Core-educated students have spent their time developing their skills in learning how to ridicule authority figures, call out, plan Twitter storms, create mobs and protest rallies, elevate their voices to an emotion-filled pitch, record podcasts with every disgusting epithet and disrespectful verbiage they can use, and invade violently the privacy of conservative elected officials.

The LGBTQ message is infused right into the midst of victimization, racial inequality, sexual discrimination, #Me Too, #Black Lives Matter, open borders, Communism, socialism, reparations, distribution of wealth, climate change hysteria, hatred for straight White males, anti-Christian/anti-Semitism, etc. – all one blended message.   


Our nation has now spent nine years of being indoctrinated into the Common Core agenda 24/7, and its destructive philosophy has permeated almost every classroom in America – public, charter, and even private and home schools.

When David Coleman, the architect of the Common Core, became the CEO of The College Board that produces the Pre-SAT, SAT, and Advanced Placement, he almost immediately began to align all CB products with the Common Core.  Because teachers are basically forced into teaching whatever is being tested, the Common Core and its “infected” products and tests have taken over our nation’s day-to-day classroom curriculum.

The students who were in elementary school in 2009 are now in high school; and their lack of reading, writing, math, science, and social studies knowledge and skills is pervasive.  Students who were in junior high in 2009 are currently populating our colleges and universities; and tenured professors are amazed at their students’ lack of basic knowledge and their twisted reasoning skills.  We who were educated through fact-based, traditional academics are astounded by young people such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who reveal their ignorance every single day; but they are the products of exactly what Obama and his ilk meant to produce.  

The general public was fooled into thinking Common Core was about academics; it never was. The purpose of Common Core was to force teachers into teaching the social justice agenda and to destroy traditional thinking among this and succeeding generations of students.

Common Core’s purpose was to crush American exceptionalism; to promote victimization, White privilege, and Black bondage; to cast aspersions on great American heroes and heroines; to lead students to doubt the validity of the Founding Fathers, the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution; to become fixated on global warming/climate change and its fear-based, end-of-the-world scenario built upon unscientific lies; to cast aside the time-honored classics with their emphasis on good and evil/right and wrong; and to tear down students’ reading abilities so that they would be easily lured into believing false political agendas.


Corporate America tied to the U. S. Chambers of Commerce (which was a big backer of Obama’s Common Core) are furthering the far-leftist, social justice agenda with their latest LGBTQ products (6.3.19 — “Corporate America Joins LGBT Indoctrination Bandwagon” — by PNW Staff  — 

Even though Obama and his failed Presidency are long gone, his curse still remains upon our land through his Common Core indoctrination and its social justice/ LGBTQ agenda. There was a time when we could have gotten the attention of Corporate America by boycotting their outrageous, LGBTQ products; but their agenda has now become widespread with Nabisco, Gillette, Converse, Ikea, Adidas, Reebok, Ugg, Nike, Listerine, Disney, Starbucks, Target, Hollister, Walt Disney, JP Morgan Chase and Co., HBO, Delta Airlines, NBA, McDonald’s, AT&T, Morgan Stanley, Gucci, Bloomberg, Colgate-Palmolive, and many others perpetuating the fallacious LGBTQ agenda.    


  • To draw our country back from the slippery slope of sheer destruction, I believe our best efforts have to be multi-faceted.
  • First, we have to teach those around us in our sphere of influence the basic truths found in traditional, fact-based sources; and we have to teach people how to recognize and verify information to make sure it is credible and not fake.
  • Our lives and personal testimonies are very compelling to those with whom we have developed close relationships, and we need to use every opportunity to share with them the important lessons in life that we have learned.  
  • As responsible citizens, we need to quit repeating the disrespectful lies taken from the leftwing news media about our President and instead focus our conversations on the “Quiet Coup” that began in the Obama administration to steal the Presidency.  As the truth comes out about those who were behind that coup, we must tell our friends and neighbors to make sure they grasp the full significance of what could have happened to the United States if God had not intervened.
  • Most importantly, we need to spend time in prayer, thanking God for His great mercy upon us, asking Him to continue to teach us Truth, lifting to Him those who need His special protection in the military and as first-responders, and praying for all of those who have authority over us — including President Trump and those who serve with him.  
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  1. David K. Reed

    It seems to me that the first thing that the parents of America should do is to question their local school board about whether they are teaching common core or not. Is there any place where this is published?

  2. Doreen

    The link at Charlotte Iserbyt’s Blog to read ‘Deliberate Dumbing Down’ has been disabled. This link is still live

  3. Using a common battle term, “down but not out,” let me say many soldiers are fighting for truth and morality today.

    • Sonya

      You are right. On the battlefield and at home. I loved hearing General Flynn say “we have a army of digital soldiers”.