America, the once beautiful…

Mar 25, 2012 by

Peter Stern

You know, as a human being I feel badly for other humans beings controlled, manipulated and violated by vicious governments or militia who don’t care about their own people. We are seeing all sorts of articles and commentaries about poor North Koreans, Somalians, or others from various volatile countries trying to come into the US, escaping for religious, financial and political freedom.

However, where are the newspaper articles and commentaries that point out the plight of average Americans who also are controlled, manipulated and violated by their government. Where are the stories of thousands of Americans who lost their jobs and foreclosed on their homes. Why do we turn a blind eye on these Americans?

Where are the articles and commentaries on the white-collar looters, those who during the past decade manipulated wild credit so that the American people would go into high debt situations. Banks and mortgage companies ran wild with the ball for many years, without any oversight or self-control and permitted millions of Americans to purchase mortgages they could not afford?

Where are the articles and commentaries explaining why financially hurting Americans were NOT provided bailouts as were the Wall Street, financial companies and automotive giants (except Ford who did not accept the offered bailouts). The wealthy were covered. Average taxpayers were screwed into the floor.

Why should we be more concerned about overseas issues and the problems people there face than we are about our own people? Why aren’t government and big businesses helping average Americans? We all used to help each other. So, what happened? Where are the jobs? What happened to our unity and our credibility?

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