Why are American schools slowing down so many bright children?

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By Jay Mathews –

Vicki Schulkin, a Northern Virginia parent, knew her son Matt was bright but did not think this was a problem until some of his teachers began to bristle at the erratic working habits that sometimes accompany intellectual gifts.

“In fourth grade, his English teacher told me early in the semester that he didn’t belong in her high-level class because he wasn’t completing all of his homework,” Schulkin said. That teacher changed her mind after he showed great creativity in a poetry assignment, but other instructors were less understanding.

In fifth grade, while Matt was doing SAT math problems in his head, his math teacher refused to acknowledge that he might be gifted because he wasn’t finishing assignments that he found boring and repetitive.

Source: Why are American schools slowing down so many bright children? – The Washington Post

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    In the day of COLLECTIVE teaching and learning, NO INDIVIDUAL is allowed to stand out. They must ALL look the sane. Students are an assembly line. All get the same input and the same output is required. They are told WHAT to THINK and WHAT to DO and NO ONE is allowed to be an INDIVIDUAL and SHINE as an INDIVIDUAL. All this is required to COVER UP for MINORITIES that more often than not are UNDER ACHIEVERS and PERFORMERS.

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