American students are opening paths to new professions

Dec 5, 2019 by

If you ever wanted to do something out of the box America is definitely a place to do that. More and more students are now choosing the newer and more unconventional professions instead of the standard Doctor/Lawyer/Politician. While the pushback on this has been strong, mostly coming from the parent who understandably so, want their children to do something familiar and stable, the general public is now seeing that these professionals do actually generate income and you don’t have to have a conventional job to sustain yourself and be successful.

In the past, older people would scoff at these new professions but seeing people succeed at it really contributed to the change of heart in these people. Here we’re listed 3 of the most prominent professions and study programs that kids are choosing these days that will make you rethink your attitude towards these fields.

Online Content Creators

While putting your everyday life on the internet is nothing new, actually making a living from it has become pretty mainstream with the younger generations. While previously it has generated sceptical attitudes in the older generations it has now become such a big industry that even parents can deny that it is one of the most profitable jobs one can have. You can now even study social media in universities and learn about what goes behind the scenes and how the whole industry works.

Platforms like Youtube and Instagram have really taken the online creators’ job to the next level. Through sponsored posts and Adsense in Youtube’s case, online influencers are making substantial salaries and changing the way most people view their jobs. Universities like Harvard and MIT are offering Social Media marketing course because it has become such a huge way to market things that have proven to be even more successful than traditional marketing techniques.

Gambling management

Gambling has become a huge part of the entertainment industry. Especially since the online casinos started to take off, the consumption hates have gone up significantly. While the regulations regarding online casinos still have a long way to go people are alert to the importance of the industry and the income that it can generate. This is why universities are now offering Gambling management courses and teaching their students about different aspects of gambling. But on the other end of the spectrum, we’ve got iGaming Academy that focuses on online gambling education specifically.

iGaming also featured Blockchain academy which makes sense since the two are tightly intertwined. The traditions universities still focus on real-life gambling. College of South Nevada offers Casino Management Program meant for casino employees and regular students alike. Morrisville State College meanwhile is offering gaming & casino management programs that feature casino labs and helps the students learn about casino marketing, management, and supervision.

The University of South Mississippi also offers gambling courses, where the students can get proficient in Casino Management and get the certificates backed by the Mississippi Casino Operators Association. Their particular course can get even more specific with covering areas like casino resort management, gaming proficiency, and casino education. The University of Massachusetts-Amherst is the only one out of the four that offers a full-fledged undergraduate degree in casino management. This course will cost you $14,171 if you’re studying in-state and $30,504 if you the out-of-state student. By the end of the course, you will be able to understand the gaming process, hospitality management, regulatory framework and much more.

Gaming Design

This one has been around for a little longer, but people are just starting to warm up it. With the recent tournaments and the gaming industry becoming bigger and bigger every year more people are choosing to study what they’ have loved to do for a long time. Gaming and Game design are somewhat unexplored in the majority of the world but some countries, for example in India and waking up the potential that degree and this profession can have. There is an abundance of workers in most of the tradition l field and people are struggling to find the jobs they enjoy.

Game Design is a perfect opportunity for those who love the process of designing and games and it can actually be very profitable. You will get the chance to work with some of the best companies while also having a stable job and a steady income. But the best part of it is that you get to create very tangible things that will probably be loved by many people. The University of Southern California, Rochester Institute of Technology and Drexel University are just the few that offer degrees in game design.

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