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Have you always had a fascination with Europe? Europe is a real mixture of old and new! 

Is there a voice within you that pushes you to experience new things? Do you want to study abroad? Well, you’ve found the right article to learn about all these extraordinary things that are waiting for you!

Live in Europe: why?

Europe is full of beautiful places, and that might even be enough for you to fly across the ocean.

You’re starting to lay the foundations for your future, though. You need to consider a lot more than the beauty of a place if you’re going to make smart choices for your future.

From a more personal perspective, it is important to consider that living an unfamiliar culture, breathing new habits, trying out new tastes, getting to know new places and exploring the unknown is an eye-opening experience full of growth and change.

Just think about having the opportunity to live with people from different cultures and countries under the same roof. It’s without a doubt one of the best, quickest and easiest ways to learn a new language and get in touch with a new culture. This is one of the greatest benefits you will ever gain if you decide to spend a part of your life in a country that is not yours.  You will be able to take your life and who you are to places you never imagined before. That culture becomes a part of you.

All European countries are close to each other

Living in Europe means that after two hours of driving you end up in a totally different country. In fact, spending one weekend in Paris and another in Berlin here is not something out of the ordinary. Traveling in this fantastic old continent is very easy, and because of Europe’s central location, Asia and Africa are also much more accessible.

All right, this is really awesome of course, but we were talking about spending time here to build something for your future, which, don’t get us wrong, is not just traveling and experimenting with new cultures but also studying and preparing for your career.

Study in an American college in Europe: the perfect balance

So, you would love to spend time in Europe while developing your knowledge and laying the foundations for your future. Have you ever thought of an American university in Europe?

Look at the long-term perspective. If you want to live and work in the U.S. after you finish school, a degree from an American university in Europe is valid on both continents, and you will be a more attractive candidate for employers with your language skills and international experiences on your resume. If you want to live in Europe, studying there will give you the time to build your network and discover opportunities.

So, how to choose a school? There are deep-rooted beliefs that make us think the best universities are always found in the United States and England. Harvard, Stanford, Oxford and Cambridge. Yes, they are still a dream for thousands of young people who want to have a successful career.

However, according to worldwide rankings, it appears that the best education is found in Europe, especially in Switzerland and Finland.

Switzerland, in particular, offers an outstanding interdisciplinary curriculum of both European and American character. We are talking about Franklin University Switzerland located in the picturesque city of Lugano.

Franklin University Switzerland

What’s so special about this university?

Franklin University Switzerland brings together the best of both cultures by hosting its students in an American-style campus. You won’t miss the student life full of activities, conferences, sports and socialization just like in the States. The bonus you get there is the constant contact with the Swiss culture. You will learn to move freely off-campus, and you will begin to learn a new language that could be romantic Italian or the challenging German language. You decide!

Remember that Switzerland is a federation of 26 different cantons of Italian, French and German culture.  You will experience a cross-cultural student life but with the constructive and positive approach typical of American schools. This blend of personal and pragmatic is a great benefit to getting a good start on your career.

The Franklin University Switzerland Degree

It’s not just that a Franklin degree is valid on two continents. The opportunities opened by this educational experience will go beyond the validity of your degree. Your international background and ability to adapt to new situations will be a great asset for your future employers.

Don’t forget about the Academic Travel program offered by Franklin University Switzerland!

What is it? Every semester, Franklin students travel to places around the world as part of an Academic Travel course. They study a topic that is connected to a specific location, and then travel there to experience it first-hand with their professor. Better yet, the program is included in the cost of tuition.

This approach is used by Franklin University Switzerland because it allows you to experience the course topic directly within its specific context, which is both fun and a more effective way to learn. Academic Travel helps you build strong connections with professors and other students, which makes for a better learning environment when you get back in the classroom.

Many opportunities are waiting for you at Franklin. Check out their website.

Learning isn’t just a question of reading books, but of life experiences and all the pieces that are part of the bigger picture. Are you ready for this adventure?

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