Americans vote no to Common Core but yes to tougher standards

Aug 21, 2015 by

For the first time, the majority of the general public does not support Common Core, a poll by EducationNext found. Meanwhile, “90 percent of voters agree that we should raise our nation’s academic standards so that the United States can be more competitive with other countries,” the other poll, commissioned by the Center for American Progress, concluded.

For education officials, locally and nationally, the conflict in how to raise those standards poses a big hurdle.

The CAP poll found that the “goals of the Common Core are as American as apple pie — polling even better than baseball, kittens and bacon — but that misinformation about the Common Core remains widespread.”

Think Progress, CAP’s in-house media outlet, attributed the negative perception of Common Core to politics. “As political opposition to Common Core has grown, misinformation has spread in terms of how the standards were created, what is in the standards and how they are implemented,” Think Progress reported.

Source: Americans vote no to Common Core but yes to tougher standards | Deseret News National

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