America’s Schools Could Be More Efficient If Teachers Were Paid Less

Sep 5, 2014 by

Joy Resmovits – When it comes to education, the United States isn’t getting all the bang it could for its buck, according to a new report.

GEMS Education, an education consulting firm, released its “Efficiency Index” and an accompanying report on Thursday, ranking the return on investment for 30 different nations’ education budgets. The index “treats the educational system as if it were a company which attempts to obtain an output,” according to the report.

Researchers looked at costs for teachers and educational outcomes, but not at socioeconomic factors or differences between countries. The report was created with the support of the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development, the group behind the international standardized test called PISA. The report looked at 30 OECD countries, and the returns are based on PISA scores.

The United States ranked 19th out of the 30 countries, receiving an efficiency score of 72.66 percent. Finland, a perennial educational chart topper, came out at No. 1, with a score of 87.81 percent.

On the lower end were Indonesia at 51.13 percent, and Brazil at 24.45 percent.

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