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To: Principals, Faculty, Local School Councils, or others responsible for staffing your school.

We, as participants in American education, all know that the success of any public school is dependent on staffing the school with teachers who will be best able to reach children who are at-risk, difficult to motivate, and challenging to teach. Basing your own school’s teacher/principal selection process on proven research, can give you helpful guidance. Dr.Martin Haberman’s (1932-2012)research spans 50 plus years and has been proven, over and over, to be reliable.

The Haberman Star Teacher Selection Interview has been shown to discover the teachers who will succeed in increasing student achievement, who will stay longer at your schools, and do a better job. Moreover, this research-based interview, used with integrity , demonstrates 97% accuracy, takes only about 30 minutes to perform. It is helpful in increasing teacher quality and decreasing the likelihood of time-consuming and expensive litigation should teachers perform poorly. In addition to technical expertise in teacher selection, the interview provides in-depth orientation pedagogies effective with at-risk students. The interview is based on core beliefs and values.

For some children, school is the only chance they have for a genuine shot at the American dream. Their parents may not be able to or willing to help at home and their communities may be racked by drugs, poverty, alcoholism, and other environmental dangers. Yet school can be a saving factor in these young lives if teachers are predisposed to believe they can make a difference.

How does your hiring team know if the teachers they interview can make an important difference with the children at your schools? Do the teachers they select possess the skills and attitudes needed to bring hope to your school’s students? Or, do the persons they are interviewing just need a job? The Haberman Star Teacher Selection Interview Training can help your hiring team get at these important issues and spot teachers who are “stars” with the children who are often most difficult to teach but also spots those teachers, before you hire them, who will ultimately fail with your students. These questions seen here will be answered in a day-long training event consisting of video-based instruction designed to acquaint your hiring team with the ideology and practice in a 14-question interview.

The interview is predictive as to which teachers will succeed and stay and which teachers will fail. The Haberman Educational Foundation can provide your hiring team with the training necessary for selecting teachers that

  • stay longer avoiding expensive and disruptive teacher turnover at your school.
  • believe passionately in children and their abilities to help any child learn.
  • will raise your children’s test scores. Research has consistently shown that little matters more than the teacher when it comes to raising test scores.

The Haberman Educational Foundation,Inc., has conducted the day-long training events for principals and their hiring teams in 370 districts across the states. Filling those needed teaching vacancies at your schools for years to come ,in an effort to served the children and youth with a great teacher, is paramount to student success! Children at your schools deserve the teachers that believe, have the ability, and know how to make a difference in their lives.

The Haberman Foundation National Trainers are well versed as well as consistent users of the Haberman Star Interviews for both Teacher and Principal Selection; all of whom travel nationally to conduct the training events.

Contact the Haberman Educational Foundation,Inc. at 1-713-667-6185 or for more information.

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