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An explanation video is a video product that simply tells about the complex things you want to tell your auditorium. If you have a technically-complex product or service, which you cannot tell in a few words, the best way would be a video that will explain in detail and fascinatingly to your audience how your product or service works.

   If you are a manufacturing company or a pharmaceutical company, maybe you have a non-state commercial foundation or you have a startup, or maybe an innovative project — an explanatory video is suitable for all these areas.

   Explaining videos are used in different areas of business and production. However, if you look at the question broadly, the explanation video can carry on an educational and training functions at once and make a video instruction for the consumer in addition.

   The explaining video companies propose their clients a few forms of the video:

  • Video filming (subject, most often);
  • Graphic clip (animation);
  • Doodle video clip (when an action on the screen is drawn by a hand with a pencil);
  • Combined video using both forms of filming.

   The content depends on the form. So, the explanatory video is quite a difficult task – it is clear and quickly convey the necessary information to the client. Only a trained team can handle this. In addition, the explanation video company has a lot of tasks: storytelling, presenting a product, training an employee, explaining the principle of use, etc.

   The commercial potential of the explanation video is:

  • That kind of video production tells instead of you or your salespeople about the product;
  • It uses a generally accepted and understandable form, nothing extra just the benefit for the client;
  • It causes the loyalty of the audience and removes objections;
  • It works 24/7.

   To order an explanatory video extra quality and origin, you can contact us via the website . We will make your optimal explaining video in short terms in the most creative way you may imagine.

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