An Interview with Becky Kelley: Where’s the Line?

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becky kellyMichael F. Shaughnessy
1)     1)  Becky, for those who have been living in the arctic circle for the last few years, could you update us on your musical career?
        Of course!  I recorded a country/pop album in 2011 and then did a music video for Send an Angel off of that album last year, which was a lot of fun.  I have been slow getting back into my music, as I found out I was pregnant right after we shot “Where’s the Line to See Jesus” and then we moved the whole family to Nashville for my husband’s job shortly after.  I released my 2011 album, A Keeper, when my baby boy was just a few months old and now that he is 2 I have been able to slowly get back into writing, performing, and hopefully recording again soon!
2)    2)   With Christmas coming, you probably have a number of pending events- tell us about them. 
       I actually don’t have a lot planned as of yet (see #1) :) but I am singing at a Christmas show in Nashville at 3rd and Lindsley on December 5th as a part of my dear friend, Melody Sheppard’s show. We have had a few other requests so we’ll see what comes of that!
        3)   Now in terms of new music- what do you have coming out ?
       I have been mainly writing and writing lately trying to figure out what to release next.  I am considering recording a Christmas album this year, which would be SO much fun!  That’s been on my “to do” list for a while now.
          4)  A few years ago,  you had a big hit with “ Where’s the Line to see Jesus ?” Tell us the story please,and give us some background on that song.  
        Sure!  My nephew was in line to see Santa and he looked up to my sister and asked if they were in line to see Jesus.  That was a pretty big wake-up call and surprising question, so my sister mentioned it to my dad when they got home.  He wrote the song that day and asked if I wanted to record it.  We ended up recording the song with a few changes from our producer in St. Louis at the time and it all went from there.  My cousin did a home video to go with the original demo version of the song, and we could not believe the response from the public.  
        We had 3000+ hits the first day.  We went back to the studio that spring to record the full version and then filmed the official video that’s out now for the following Christmas.  
       It has grown and grown, and actually just hit 4 million hits today!   
          5)  How often is it requested?  
         We know the song is played all over the world as far as Austrailia.  We have had hundreds if not thousands of radio spins, from America, Canada, Austrailia, and more.  It truly is amazing how the message has spread.
           6) Music and Christmas seem to go hand in hand, in fact, I always bother my praise team leader to start doing Christmas music in September. Be she insists that is “ too  early “. But what is it about Christmas that brings out the singing in people ?  
        Wow- that is so true.  It almost seems like time stands still for a month and those songs bring SUCH nostalgia for some people.  Although I love some of the new songs too, I will never let go of the classics- it’s just that togetherness… it brings people and family together.  I was just out with my mother in law today and I was laughing at the woman singing her heart out to the music playing next to us because you just HAVE to sing these songs when you hear them!  I of course joined in, and there you have it.  Christmas and carols go hand-in-hand.  My dad turns on Christmas music in September, so he’s right there with you! :)
          7) Your FAVORITE Christmas song ?  
                 Oooooohhhh that’s so hard!  Silent Night.  It’s the most beautiful scene of Jesus finally being on earth.  “A Baby Changes Everything” by Faith Hill is my favorite new Christmas song… I cry everytime.   
           8) What have I neglected to ask ?
                   I think you got it! :)
         9) Do you have a web site where people can learn more about your work and music ?
            Yes!  I am at  and also  
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