An Interview with Beverly Eakman – AGENDA GAMES INTERVIEW Part III

Nov 8, 2012 by

-or- The “Mourning”-After

Michael F. Shaughnessy –

A Post-Election, Continuing Interview with Beverly Eakman:

What Can We Say About the Election?

1) Well, the political games seem to be over—or, have they just begun?

As people who have read my book, Agenda Games, or Parts I and II of my interviews with you, and even my recent articles (especially the two about the so-called debates), I alluded to the outcome of this election.  There were many renowned pundits who wrote over and over that Gov. Romney and various Republican congressional candidates would win.  I never thought so, and I wasn’t particularly subtle about saying it.

The American people have been conditioned to compromise to a fault; they have no stomach for a fight.  True, we are a divided country—on the surface, about half and half, if you can believe the popular vote.

But many of Republican voters are no longer really conservative, traditional or constitutionalists; they have other reasons for not liking Mr. Obama, usually related either to the economy, government services or social issues.  When you really look at the level of public commitment to constitutional and conservative/traditional values as articulated by the Founders, it just isn’t there.

Many of the under-50 age group never even learned—as in “committed to memory”—what the Framers of our Constitution said and wrote.  This is going to become a huge problem as increasing numbers of freedoms are altered, watered down and removed outright.  Those who have gone on record as being heartily committed to our republic will be increasingly subject to harassment, tax audits, and dismissed as “hate” or “fringe” groups.  The media will become even more inclined than they are today to distance themselves, less they suffer harassment-by-association.  This is always the way it works when you have what amounts to a coup—which actually started in earnest during the Clinton administration.

2) In terms of the election, what “games” seem to have been pervasive?

In the greater sense—the generic, overall “game” that I described up front in my book—distraction, disinformation, and diversion (from old loyalties) has been played to the hilt.  And quite successfully, unfortunately.   People who have no experience, even by extension (such as through their parents) with living under a fully totalitarian government—a dictatorship—are pretty much immune to the signs, strategies and systematic incursions.  They view the warning flags as isolated instances—of something being “not quite right,” or maybe just plain irritating, but that is the extent of it.

3) What “games” seem to have been won?

Religious expression, especially Christianity, is as close to being banned as it has ever been in this country.  As Phyllis Schlafly noted in her recent book, Obama’s War on Religious Freedom: No Higher Power, Christian freedom has been limited, for all intents and purposes, to something that goes on inside a church after the doors are shut.  And sometimes even that is scrutinized, as proved by incursions of certain lobbies.  This has resulted in split churches; baseless accusations; confiscated properties of even private donors; and “hate” laws that are applied to centuries-old, previously accepted religious ideals.  The rise of fanatical Islamic militants has silenced many of those who might have spoken out more forcefully; for fear that the armies of murderous extremists would be let loose under our founding concepts of religious liberty.  So, the timing of Islamic radicalism was recycled by the Left to further its own ends of eradicating or dismissing all sorts of universally established moral principles of conduct—the same kind of thing Stalin managed, using a slightly different “hook.”

Another “game” is national security (as per the chapter entitled “The National Security Game”).  “Security” has taken on a new connotation; in fact, its meaning has been fused with criminal justice, which is not the same thing.  Individual privacy is toast, of course, as is the concept of individual rights itself.  The Group, or as the Marxists would have put it, “the Collective” (originally termed simply “the soviet,” with a small “s”) is deemed more important than the individual.  Anyone who still speaks out on behalf of “individualism” and “self-reliance” is deemed mentally ill—a “dogmatist,” a “maverick” or a “loner”—and therefore “a danger to himself and others.  Anybody with a memory for historical facts—devotees of Ken Follett’s latest “Century” trilogy novels, for example, or Simon Sebag-Montefiore’s 2008 Sashenka: A Novel–will recognize this ploy, and knows how it plays out.

4) What “games” will permeate the next four years?

The budget (“The Budget Game”) is now free to drop over the fiscal cliff, with House Speaker John Boehner already making overtures about compromise to Mr. Obama regarding year-end budget negotiations.  What is there to “negotiate”?  There hasn’t been a national budget—something required by federal law—in almost four years!

So, we mustn’t be surprised to see European-style “austerity” measures ensue.  These, of course, will be roundly condemned by the public, especially by younger Americans, giving the government all the justification it needs to declare martial law.

Mr. Obama and the political Left have no intention of addressing the debt, as such.  Of course, gaining more revenue under the pretense that persons making $250,000 are “rich” is in the Left’s interests—but the multi-billionaires will find it in their interests to pump up a leftist administration.  And why not?  They have the spare change.  The Left is counting on that.

But those at the $250,000 end will see themselves knocked down the length of fiscal totem pole.  That will mean no private schools for their youngsters, and maybe no college, either, whereas both options would formerly have been within their means.  It will mean that one major illness could bankrupt them—ObamaCare notwithstanding—especially if these individuals have money tied up with government, such as a mortgage on their house.  Banks, FDIC, remember?

Higher fuel prices will take another chunk, as the Left will now feel free to push farther in institutionalize global warming and green energy at the legislative level (“Cap-and-Trade,” rolling brownouts, infrastructure delays due to already out-of-control Environmental Protection Agency regs at the federal and state levels, etc.)

5) Are the American people aware of the “games” that have been played during the past few months?

Some who have made a point of connecting the dots and studying up “get it”—for example, many who have read my book have sought to go deeper into these issues than I could have, even with some 400 pages.  And if my book could inspire them to dig further, that’s a good thing.  But it may be too little too late, as there hasn’t been, to date, nearly enough of an outcry.  Not to put too fine a point on it:  serious breaches of the Founders’ vision—in education (propagandizing masquerading as transmission of knowledge), in national security (such as the games being played at our borders), in reconstituting the U.S. Constitution as an “evolving” document—all these require a national hissy-fit.  And this hasn’t happened.

There comes a point where things cannot be turned around through the normal legislative and amendment processes.  With the 2012 election, we have gone beyond that juncture, and most Americans have proved they would rather be entertained than stand up for “rights” they don’t even clearly recall.

6) Are there new “games” on the horizon?

Probably.  As in political campaigns per se, strategists are hired to come up with tactics (or “games,” if they are long-term), based on psychological and political polling techniques.  Given computerized prediction capability, these are pretty accurate at this point.  Inasmuch as entertainment, “special effects,” and electronic gadgets are what seem to capture the public’s fancy, I would expect to see new uses made of these milieus to strip individual rights from under the noses of those who find video games, “apps,” and so-called “traffic” cameras so fascinating.  Even TV crime dramas refer to the latter as “surveillance cams” now, so how anyone could be surprised by this is a mystery.

7) What about American values:  Have we lost our values during the election?

Hardly “during”…  Americans lost their values over a period of 45 years—way before this year’s election.  It has been a slow process—if you are young.  But if you are over 60, then the perception is different.  Persons of a certain age take a longer view and are sometimes shocked to realize how far things have come.  I mean, high school kids of the 1950s and 60s can remember taking a bottle of aspirin to school and no one thought twice about it. They remember taking public transportation to school as young as 9 or 10 years old, and didn’t expect a sexual predator with a long “rap sheet” to lurk behind every bush.  They exchanged Valentine cards at school, bought Christmas decorations for their school or college dormitory, and didn’t compete to have babies out of wedlock just “because they could.”  This all goes back to those “diverted loyalties” I mentioned earlier.  The “loyalty” (if you can call it that) is to the State now—it’s not about honor, individual character, your parents, a Higher Power, etc.  When loyalties shift to the collective, values automatically get reconstructed.

8) Your global thoughts on the election and the coming years?

Well, individuals of principle are going to have to reconsider their priorities—not just what they spend money on, or their investments (if they have any), but their lifestyle, goals, career choices, where they live, children they raise (or not), and more.  Prior to this election, populations living under a dictatorship, or even just a heavily taxed, socialistic society, knew they had to keep one step ahead of the government just to stay even, much less thrive.  They learned to “hunker down,” “fit in,” “become anonymous,” except maybe in sports.

But today, with the interconnectedness of global communications and America’s outsourcing of the “means of production” (to use a Marxist phrase), the last bastion of true liberty is probably gone for the foreseeable future.  Where is one going to run to, after all?  This means Americans are going to have to start thinking “one step ahead of the government,” too.  As a nation, we are totally unprepared for that sort of life.

You can’t just have a few finite groups thinking along these lines, because it is too easy for the government (especially with a predominately lapdog media) to identify, marginalize and harass finite groups.  As in the old Soviet Union and Nazi regimes (among others), individuals who imagined they were “on the correct side” of things and would have nothing to worry about, will find themselves suddenly—and stunningly—out of favor with those they thought were friends and colleagues.  That includes many so-called “liberals.”  They don’t see that yet, but they will.  This is what happens once a critical point has been broached.

Unfortunately, we just passed that critical point—bringing new meaning to “morning-after.”

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