An Interview with Colijn Buis: Jazz Piano

Feb 7, 2021 by

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Michael F. Shaughnessy

1) Colijn, first of all, where are you from and where are you currently located?

I am originally from the south of the Netherlands, but now living in the city of Utrecht, which is in the center

2) Now how did you first get involved with jazz piano? Who were your mentors?

In high school, I was very interested in creating my own music, in a variety of styles really (also: classically influenced), and founded the school’s band TrouBLe.

At the Utrecht Conservatory, I studied jazz & improvisation, so then I got heavily into jazz, having the fantastic Bert van den Brink and Jeroen van Vliet as my teachers.  Also went a week to Clare Fischer (LA) at his home for masterclasses, which was amazing! Also, I enjoyed masterclasses by Brad Mehldau, Fred Hersch, John Taylor, Enrico Pieranunzi, and Bobby McFerrin.

3) It seems that you want to share your music with the world- what are you currently doing?

This week I’ll be starting the crowdfunding for my upcoming piano solo album Rainbow.

I am looking forward to recording the definitive versions of my newest compositions, and create the final version of this new album in a very beautiful way, for many people to enjoy!

4) Do you have any full albums and where can they be found?

My first, award-winning, album Horizon , album LIVE at the Beauforthuis , album Songs for Alexander have been available for quite some time.

But, very special, right now – only during the upcoming crowdfunding campaign – the Rainbow Bundle will be available, which is a collection of these albums PLUS 5 other albums as well as the new upcoming album Rainbow 

So, there will be a collection of 9 albums in total

including also, for instance, my new album Improvisations on Organ, that I recorded recently.

5) Are there links to your latest works?

I created several videos, which provide a glimpse at the new music

See for example this link:

and also:

6) I know that you are in the Netherlands- and have been to Den Hague myself- and Madurodam- do you have any gigs coming up?

This coming weekend I have a private concert, not open to the public, and on Dec 26 a concert at the organ where I recorded the organ album, that will be a lot of fun!

For the rest, this is the quietest December ever for me  ( compared to in normal years a concert or rehearsal every day… )  so that feels very strange. So, I try to do a lot of things online for now.

7) What have I neglected to ask?

Not sure..  if you think of some additional questions let me know!

If I think of something else, I will also let you know!

And for sure: Many thanks!!

Many greetings to your readers from Utrecht, in the Netherlands !


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